Monday, November 22, 2010

Hanging out with Molly

Molly and I met at out Freshman year of college at Ashland University.


(This is a post-Ashland photo, but the oldest one of us I could find at the moment.)

Though I only stayed there one year, we have kept in contact and stayed friends.

She now lives in Northern Ohio, so when I said I was coming to Michigan we compared schedules and decided to meet up. Meeting in the middle didn’t work out as planned, so she drove all the way up(3hrs) to my grandparents. (If you are reading this Molly, Thanks SO much for coming ALL the way up here. I’m so happy I got to see you!)

Erika and Molly

I’ve told Molly a little bit about all the geocaching I do, but I decided taking her to a cache might be a little more exciting. The cache we went after was pretty much a park-and-grab quickie, but I think it still helped illustrate caching.

Molly's 1st Cache Molly's 2st Cache 2

We tried another cache, but I got the dreaded “Batteries Low” message and my GPS turned off within a few minutes. So instead, we decided to head to the lake for some photo opportunities.

IMG_5914 IMG_5909

Molly Jump SC

It was a pretty gloomy day, but the sun decided to peak out from behind the clouds just as it was going down.

Orchard Lake

After playing with the camera for a bit we headed to Panera for some soup, and then to Marvin's Marvelous Museum for a virtual geocache. More on that later!

What is Geocaching? Find out here.
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