Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today I went hiking with a geocacher I met at the Pancakes in the Park event, Ken. It was definitely nice to have some to go on the longer hikes with. I'm usually to scared to tackle them myself. You know... mountain lions, rattlesnakes, and the possibility of twisted ankles and no cell service....

We met at 7:30am at Tucson Mountain Park near Cat Mountain. We decided to go for some caches along the trail at the base of the mountain. I got a quick P&G(park and grab) geocache in the parking lot and then we headed off to out first cache. We looked and looked but couldn't seem to find it. Since there was the rest of the trail to do, we decided to try it on the way back with hopefully a new perspective.

We found the next couple of caches pretty easily and made our way back to the one we had trouble with. We looked for a while and luckily Ken was able to come up with the find! I don't think I would have gotten that one.

If you are a Google Earth user, you can check out the hike near Cat mountain here.

After that we headed to Brown Mountain. I made my 300th find on Brown Mountain Last December. I didn't find all the caches up there though, so that is what we were after today. We started on the other side of the mountain for the un-found caches. I was quickly reminded how out of shape I was. I had to stop multiple times on the way up to catch my breath. I don't mind a nice long hike, but going up seems to kill me! We made one find at the top and I was done for the day! It was nearing lunchtime, I was hungry and exhausted. I made a mental note to pack a energy bar or two next time as we made our descent.

If you are a Google Earth user, you can check out the hike up Brown Mountain here.

What is Geocaching? Find out here.
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  1. Oops, I forgot to put the caches on the hikes! I'll be sure to do that next time ;-)

    ALSO, 5.1 miles total of hiking - I can't move my legs.

    AND a cache JUST got published right where we were hiking today. Talk about frustrating!!

  2. I'm totally with you - a ten mile hike on the level? no problem. 2 miles uphill? oh my knees!!! and I have to stop for breath lots too.

    glad you enjoyed it though

  3. Not frustrating - a reason to revisit!


    Love the view up there!.

  4. Beautiful picture. Cool maps. 5.1 miles of hiking is great. Good for you!