Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Hate Walmart

Every time I go to Walmart, I am reminded of how much I hate the place.

Ridiculously looooong lines.

Every. Single. Time.

It makes me miss Meijer's so much.

Half the time I abandon my purchase and leave.... but I really needed the nail clippers I had picked up.


And that horrible picture reminds me, have you seen this awesome add yet?

Awesome Ad
By the way, if you eat those little ice creams, you arm will be as fat as the
arm pictured here, not the one in the ad. ;-)


  1. I hate them too but I still torture myself and go! Damn those cheap prices!

  2. I hate walmart too! But in our tiny town it is the ONLY place to go..which makes me hate it even more!

  3. I actually miss Wally World. Well, to be exact, I just miss having real shopping choices and being able to find what I'm looking for.

  4. hahahaha I like what you said about the fat arm! :P and ya I worked at WalMart cashiering but I could only handle 4 years...I got up to putting 600 customers an hour through...that's fast in case you didn't know. and well, 4 years of being up at front end made me have a panick attack. I swear that place started sounding like a bee hive and all those customers turned into bees over time!! I'm tellin ya' I should be compensated. Oh wait I was! ha! went on medical. pfff...

    And ya, i love walmart, shopping there, but I've been saying this for years. They need TWO FLOORS, each with an entire fleet of Cashiers or self checkouts! jeesh.