Thursday, November 4, 2010

Orange Balloon

Yesterday I saw The Conan Blimp while I was on the road. I was super bummed I didn't have my camera with me and no time to stop for a cell phone picture either. I did notice that it was going toward the local airport though...

So last night when I got home, I did some Googling and found the Conan Blimp website. It was indeed "Napping" at the Marana Airport. I was super excited and drove out that night to see it all lit up. I didn't get a picture (missing a tripod piece) but here is one from twitter. It looked really neat all lit up!

It was supposed to fly out this morning, but for whatever reason (wind maybe?) it got pushed back to Friday. That worked out great for me though. I went straight over to get a picture when I got off work!

Conan Blimp

As you can see, that sucker is BRIGHT orange.

Conan Blimp

You can find out more about the blimp here: The Conan Blimp


  1. How cool! I have loved Conan since I was a kid (I cannot believe he's been around that long). I want to see the blimp!

  2. I'm not a big Conan fan, but what a cool promotion idea!
    I just flashed back to spotting the Oscar Meyer weiner-mobile cruising down the interstate years ago. Ahhhh, memories!