Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'll be honest. I hate carrying around a camera bag. It's bulky and bothersome. I don't bring a lot of "extra" gear with me anyway. I will carry it in a bag on longer hikes to protect my camera, but for quick short hikes or things like going to a street fair - I don't bother with a bag. The only problem with that is... what if I bump it, drop it, or something spills? What if there is a dust storm??? Any one of those things could happen here and my camera is usually unprotected. Heck, half the time I just put it on the front seat next to me and go!

I've been looking at camera bags, but was more interested in a cover. There aren't a ton out there to choose from, but I decided to go with this Zing Cover.

Camera Case

I love it so far. If you look into getting one for yourself, make sure you read some of the reviews on Amazon - apparently they run small. I'm glad I went for the larger option. Be sure to shop around. I got mine slightly cheaper on a different site. And amazingly, eBay was the most expensive option - yikes!

I guess one of the downsides is that it isn't 100% safe from things like dust because there are holes where the straps go in. It's still better than what I was doing before though, carrying a naked camera! It's not the fastest on/off thing in the world, but then again... is any camera bag?

This is not a sponsored post, I just like the product and thought I'd share it with you in case you were looking for something similar ;-)

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  1. i always carry mine in a bag. of course my camera is one of the digitals where the lens pops out when u turn it it's more compact.

    i hate stuff hanging around my neck...esp when i strap the bag on my hip. the thing i like about the zip bag i use is, it has a small pocket for xtra batteries...

    but what you found there...a cover rather than a case...nice...less bulk...good for just keeping the camera clean!