Monday, December 6, 2010


Yesterday I did a hike at Catalina State Park with Ken, a fellow geocacher. We hiked 4.8 miles and visited 10 geocaches. I myself had a total of 5 finds in the park - I had already found the other ones.


We completed a Mystery Cache that had a 4/5 star difficulty rating. I solved in less than 10 minutes thanks to the internet and little previous knowledge that told me what to search for. I pretty much despise mystery/puzzle caches, so I was very pleased with myself that I figured it out!

Catalina Stae Park

It was cold for our first few finds early in the morning, but it turned out to be a great day. We spotted a bright red Cardinal, the first I've ever seen in Arizona, on the Bird Trail. As well as a deer on the Nature Trail. Both sightings were appropriate, given the trails we were on!

We wrapped up the day with a quick park and grab at a nearby shopping center!

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  1. Gorgeous photos - and well done on solving that puzzle, I had a look at it and wouldn't have had a clue where to start! (but then, I am particularly puzzle challenged :) )

  2. Wow, great post! How odd now. I am also from Michigan (lived there 3 years), but born in NY. Now I live in Tucson as of last June! I just started geocaching two weeks ago and stumbled across your blog. Hola! :)

  3. I despise puzzle caches, too.