Sunday, December 26, 2010



Have you ever played Farkle before? Santa put it in my stocking so my Mother and I played it a couple of times Christmas Day.

It's a dice rolling game when you basically need to roll certain numbers and decide if you want to keep the points you already have or keep rolling... and there is the possibility of losing it all.

The game was a lot of fun, probably becuase I won both games. :-P

I was on a roll.

I must have been a game kind of holiday for our whole family....

My older sister in Florida got this cool chess set and played a game Christmas Day.

And my younger sister sent me this picture of my Grandparents and Uncle attempting scrabble.

Do you usually play any games with the family over the holidays?


  1. we did all the time as a kid with cousins...but then it was usually Balderdash.

    This Christmas with my husband's family we played Monopoly...a new one! Jeff and I bought's the CANADA version with electronic banking :) So everyone uses debit cards, no bills and all the amounts are in millions. So far I've one 7 of 8 times we've played it...haha I'm kind of getting bored of winning all the time. But I am a sore loser so I suppose its a good thing I win :P
    Farkle looks it similiar to Yahtzee ?

  2. I think the holidays are great time to play games, there are more people around!!

    The scrabble game picture is just THE BEST! I can almost hear them playing.

  3. Holidays always seems to bring about a game of Spoons. It's a fun game for all ages, but it gets hilarious after everyone has had a few drinks.

  4. I bought DT Left, Right, Center. It's a dice game with no strategy but you put dollars in so it makes it fun. It's really a blast and you don't have to pay close attention so it is also a good drinking game.