Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yeah, same night.

Scorpion #2.

At least this one was already dead. Spotted him between the wall and the dryer.

Little Fuckers Kid Brother

He's belly up and holding some dryer lint.

You know what makes this all ironic. 2 scorpions in one night.... found while cleaning because the bug guy is coming to spray for these little suckers tomorrow!


  1. Yikes, scorpions freak me out.

  2. Oh no... you are so very brave! I would be screaming... just last night I ventured down into the mancave to retrieve something out of the freezer (which just happens to be at the bottom of the stairs so I don't have to go tooo far into the mancave). But sitting right in front of the freezer was a HUGE wolf spider! (I think I may have howled like a wolf!). And my dog heard me carrying on and came to see what's wrong with momma and nearly stepped on it with his big feet and that sent me howling back up stairs! Gaaa! Bugs!