Monday, December 6, 2010

Gettin' Crafty.

I've been busy the last couple of days. There is no end in sight!

Made This...

This one is my favorite.

I have one of these for myself, I get complements every time I wear it out!

Same fabric as above, just a little different.

Size matters.
Size Matters

Do you like them?

This batch is going off to a friend but If you interested in one for yourself, leave you contact info(e-mail) in the comments (will not be published) and I'll e-mail you with the detail$!


  1. OK, so I never noticed the silver beads before...and I LOVE them. I'm thinking I want one in Christmassy colors, I have some stripes in mind!

  2. Okay, but you have to buy the beads mom! lol. I'm out!

  3. These are all lovely!
    I had fun looking through your Blog. I am totally in the dark as to what geocaching is all about but it sure seems interesting.

  4. Those are so pretty...beads? You cover beads with fabric? wow! Sorry Erika I'm not sure I'd have anything to wear one of these with...they're so fancy to me! And I usually dress athletic :/ Maybe when I'm SKINNY I'll dress NORMAL again, and wear jeans with a nice shirt. CAN'T WAIT !! :P

  5. Amazing! These are fantastic!

  6. I am buying one from Tiffany! :) But whenever you get some time I want another one, just not sure what colors.

  7. Awesome Ashlei! I should be making some more this week.