Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I Did NOT cook this. & it looks a LOT worse than it was...


  1. Your Mother didn't cook it either.

    Serve black olives.always.

  2. OMFG words can not describe this picture! hahaha

  3. It looks like it wants to eat me.

    No really, I keep looking at it and I don't see an overcooked turkey. I see an evil creature who wants to eat me. I'm scared.

    ....and after reading a comment like that, you should probably be scared of me now. Hey, I didn't get the "quirky" title for nothing.

    *glances back at the demonic turkey being*

  4. @ Jessi, don't worry - it scares me too!

    The turkey ended up being very tasty, the burnt skin pealed off very easily. My uncle started cooking it with a wood fire, but when the weather turned bad he had to bring it in & put it in the oven ;-)