Sunday, February 28, 2010

Postcrossing Sunday - Finland

Greetings from freezing Finland! I read at postcrossing-site you like different cut cards so I picked you this angel. It's also kind of vintage as I remember these angels from my childhood a well as my step-mother does! The sentence on it says: I wish a little angel to guard you.

After many lousy winters we're having a real snowy time here. It's also cold, almost too cold. I'd like to take my kids to skate, but it's not any nice if you're freezing from your face right away.

I wish you have a nice day over there! :-)

Distance: 8,780 km (5,456 miles)
Travel time: 19 days

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Finished!

I've been working on a quilt for my friend the last month or so. It's a baby shower gift and I've been waiting to share pictures so I didn't ruin the surprise. Not showing the pictures was really hard, but now I can show you!

The quilt was finished Wednesday morning and sent UPS 2-Day Air a few hours later.

It was a big hit!

In case you couldn't tell by the quilt... she is having a BOY!


I used the "Yellow Brick Road" pattern for this quilt. Either the instructions weren't clear or I just didn't understand them... I messed up more than once! Luckily I was able to make do with the fabrics I had. I don't have a lot left, but I already have ideas for the scraps ;-)

Weee! Do you like it?

P.S. Big thanks to my mother, the quilting master. This quilt simply wouldn't have happened with out her amazing help!

Friday Flashback - Rouster's Apple House

I have mentioned a few times on this blog that I worked at an apple orchard while in high school. I thought I'd go ahead and elaborate on it for a Friday Flashback. If you read this, and have worked there, do work there, or have been there I would greatly appreciate a comment. Share something you remember or like there ;-)

My older sister worked at Rouster's first. By the time I started working there though, she was already working somewhere else. I think I worked one season alone, but before I knew it I was working with my little sister and two good friends high school friends. My mom was even helped out at the cash register on some of the super busy weekends.

Generally we only worked on the weekends in the fall, 10pm-6pm. Perfect hours for a high school student. Enough time to "sleep in" and enough time to get home and then go hang with friends! Except for homecoming.... when everyone wanted off. Hey, a girl has got to get her hair an makeup done right ;-)

In the summer we worked in the Blue Berry Barn, 8am -noon. Those hours were a little harsher - but it was the summer and only once or twice a week. Most of out time there was spent wiping out buckets, weighing blueberries or standing in the field directing people where to go.

The drive to work was a good 20/30 minutes long, so we usually car pooled. One time we were early so we wasted some time driving around. I pulled into a park.... and got PULLED OVER. I think I was going 30mph in a 15mph zone. I'm such a badass.

Anyway getting to the point. This is where we worked in the Apple House.


Amazingly, my sister took these picture while she was in Ohio last year - not a thing has changed. It looks a little different when its busy and people are working ;-) We bagged tagged and labeled apples back here. Any apples you wouldn't want to take a bite of went to the cider bin, any rotten ones in the trash and all the pretty ones were reserved for the top of the bags. After working back here long enough, you learn the difference between a 1/2peck, a peck, and a 1/2 bushel. You know what apple makes a good pie and you learn the different sweet and tart. apples. Most importantly though, you learn how to make a bag full of round objects stand perfectly!


If you were working in the back bagging apples, it was your job to keep the shelves stocked. We each had a section or room that we were responsible for keeping intact. Usually we were teamed up with someone to help.


Occasionally you would hear an apple stampede and you'd run out to clean up rolling apples. It's a sound I will always remember. Usually the cause was a crooked bag or a careless customer. I believe on one occasion a shelf give out.

It would get so crowded in the fall, especially when the Krispy apples were in. We would squeeze through the masses with 2-4 bags in our hands while getting bombarded with questions and sometimes losing an apple on the way.

On slow days when everything was done and no one was in sight we'd snack on cider, pretzels and twizzlers and warm up for a second by the fire. After typing that last sentence... I could really go for a pretzel dipped in caramel or some pickled baby corn (my FAVORITE).

It was a great high school job. A place I always want to visit when I'm home. I could go on and on about the memories with friends and a bunch of little details, but I'll save that for another time.

Rouster's Apple House 2009 Rouster's Apple House 2009
Photos by: Mark Birkle

What/where was your first job?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kitchen Update

Don't you love how I'm doing a kitchen update and it's not even my kitchen!?

I have to put up with the noise and dust too, so that's how I justify it.

Anyway, I'd say were half there. That's just a guess though, I have no idea. All I do know is I'm excited to have a kitchen back soon. I never thought I'd say it.... but I'm sick of restaurants and take out!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

I had free tickets to the Desert Museum, so I took the little girl I nanny there. It's a zoo/museum/botanical garden. My favorite part is the Hummingbird Aviary. It's neat to be so close to such little birds.


The Desert Museum is full of animals, all of which you can find in the Sonoran Desert. No zebras or tigers here! The parrots leave me a little puzzled though. They were on display, but I don't believe there are any here in the desert... It was a very out of place animal display. If I didn't have a baby with me I might have been able to pay more attention to signage. It will remain a mystery until I make it back for another visit.

Man, I wish I had a better lens.


P.S. Coyotes really like cookies.

If you happen to be in town visiting, I'd definitely recommend the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum as a place to visit. Even more so if you've never been to the desert! It's sandwiched right between Tucson Mountain Park and Saguaro National Park, the drive there alone is beautiful!

Pueblo Hotel

Don't you just love old signs?


Sorry I've been scarce lately... trying to finish up this quilt!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Now you see it, now you don't.


Construction guys were scheduled to come to the house around 8am this morning. I woke up around 7 to clean my bathroom for their arrival and move my car out of the driveway. After snapping a few pictures I decided to go back to bed.

When I got up around noon... the kitchen was gone!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What is it about reruns that make you love a show? A show that you never followed when it was on. A show that you never had any interest in what-so-ever. Maybe even a show you tried watching a few times... but just never... got it.

Maybe I never was into the show becuase I didn't have enough life experiences at the time to relate.... or the inteligence to find the irony behind certain situations.

Or maybe I was only 4 years old when the show started and 13 when it ended. That would explain it. I was into Gumby, Salute your Shorts, and eventually Dawson's Creek. Seinfeld was just... weird, so I never watched it when it was on.

I've started to love the show the last couple years. It's great! And now I even get those Seinfeld references people make all the time!

Side note: Elaines horrible outfits make a lot more sense after Googling to find out when the show started (1989).... but they are still pretty bad!

Ever watched The Office? Me either.... until reruns started showing up.

I love this show. It's hard not to watch the new shows when they're on. I feel like I'm cheating on my reruns if I do. Actually, that's not true. I'm usually watching something else when the new episodes are on... But the previews (Pam's going to have her baby soon!) are kill me. I'm still back when Jim likes Pam, but Pam is with that other guy... with a random Pam pregnant episode in there somewhere. I think I was first turned off by the "documentary" style of this show. I just didn't understand the concept of a comedy with Real World confessional style clips mixed in. It moved to slow for me so I never watched. Now I'm hooked!

Scrubs is another good one. It was (and still is. right?) on when I started watching it, but I always caught the reruns. When it first started, it was a weird goofy show I had no interest in what-so-ever.But after watching this show a few times - I was hooked. It's one of the few shows I'll bother watching a rerun of. The "new" scrubs however... BLOWS. But who knows, maybe I'll end up loving it in reruns one day.....

Honorable mentions go to The Bernie Mac show and Everybody Hates Chris. Everybody Hates Chris is a new discovery. I'm glad I gave it a chance when I was sick this time around. It's hilarious!

Anyway. Here's my theory. Reruns can get you hooked on a show you never thought you'd watch becuase...

1. The rerun usually every night/day at the same time.
2. You don't have to wait another week to see the next episode. It's easier to like something when you don't have to be committed.
3. Usually there are two episode back to back so it keeps your interest.
4. Sometimes there are even marathons. Weeee! What better way to waste a day?
5. There is just nothing else on so that's what you end up watching, and before you know it you love it!

What show do you like watching in reruns that you never watched when it was on or is on?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Postcrossing Sunday - United Kingdom

Distance: 7,976 km (4,956 miles)
Travel time: 16 days

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Flashback

For some reason I found myself flipping through my mom's old cookbooks. I can't say I recall the last time she cracked one of these suckers open and cooked something out of one... but I do remember them here and there on the counter growing up. This one in particular is my favorite. Why you ask? Well it has a nice stove top burn pattern on it ;-)

Wicked Burn

Though the burn pattern is awesomely hilarious, I love the notes inside more.

Mom's Notes Mom's Notes
Mom's Notes Mom's Notes

This one has got to be my favorite though...

Mom's Notes

I wish I could have found one that said... "Erika loved it!" or "Erika would not eat" ... but I was only 3 or 4 around the time of these notes. Plus I was the pickiest eater ever. Okay, I still am.

Here is a random Erika fact for you...

I didn't like hot-dogs (still don't) so when the family was having hot-dogs for dinner, I'd have ketchup on a bun. No joke. Whats worse? I loved it.

Don't worry though I haven't had ketchup on a bun in a loooong time. I don't intend to anytime soon either ;-)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reid Park Zoo

I went to the Reid Park Zoo for the first time today. It was a small zoo, but it had all the basic animals anyone wants to see anyway. The weather was perfect and there was hardly anyone there. Of course I took my camera... but instead of boring you with typical zoo pictures I decided to spice it up for you! Check out the last one. It's my favorite!

Tina, you fat lard, come get some DINNER!
Fat Lard

Wild Giraffes.

Looking for His Soulmate
Looking For My Soulmate

Subway's New Mascot
5 Dolla

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Postcrossing Sunday - Oklahoma, USA

(Click to enlarge)

Distance: 1,300 km (808 miles)
Travel time: 9 days

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Consumer Alert

I got this lotion with sunscreen, thinking I'd be doing my face a favor. I live in sunny Arizona and my mom has had some skin cancer on her face, so I thought a little extra protection wouldn't hurt... but then I read the bottle.

Seriously? How can you advertise SPF and then put a a sunburn alert on the back? I would understand if it was something along the lines of "this doesn't replace sunscreen"... but it outright says that it may cause burning.

What the hell Neutrogena!?




Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Skeleton in a Tu-Tu

One more post about the quilt show....

I just wanted to share a few photos I took while there. Let me tell you, there are some talented quilters out there - it isn't all grandma stuff! I wish I would have gotten the artists/quilters names so I could give them credit... but the thought didn't occur to me as a was walking around snapping pictures. I was ready to leave by this time anyway. So please, forgive me.

I thought this one had a cute little twist on an old fashioned looking kind of quilt.

Quilting goes 3D!

Cluck Cluck. Look it has feathers!

And my favorite one there....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I went to a quilt show with my mom a couple of weekends ago. Of course I went because I'm a lover of all things crafty.... but my main goal was to get fabrics for a quilt. My friend is having a baby in May and I told her I wanted to make it a blanket! I lucked out and found all the fabrics I wanted.


Besides one tiny quilt when I was about 12, this will be my first quilt. I am lucky to have my mom around to teach me all the tricks. Seriously, who knew I needed a lesson in cutting fabric. Believe it or not... It's more complicated than it sounds!

I washed all the fabrics Saturday, they day I bought them. By Sunday night I had all the cutting done and the blocks sewn together. Monday morning I put all the blocks in rows and then sewed the rows together. Can you tell.... I sorta liked it! Ahhh. I am my mothers daughter after all.


This weekend I hope to cut the border and get it on... and what ever comes next. I probably need to go buy some batting and cut the back as well. Hint: Mom, I need you this weekend! By Monday the sewing table I ordered should be in. Hopefully that day I'll pick it up and put it together. I'll have my mom show me how to get started quilting .... and then probably show me how to do the binding over following weekend.

Not knowing for sure how long each step will take... I'm going to estimate a finish date somewhere around Valentines day maybe a few days after. It HAS to be in the mail by the 22nd just in case.. her shower is on the 28th. I want her to have it to open ;-)

And for all those wanting a sneak peek.... this is all you get. (Tiffany, don't you DARE click that!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cyber Clean

I bought this packet of Cyber Clean to send to my sister.

It looked like the perfect weird thing to include in her Valentines box. Little did I know, my Mom had already closed and taped the box. I was bummed... but then I realized that the Cyber Clean was alll mine! Muhahah.

So I ripped open the package and got to cleaning.


It wasn't all that impressive... But it did remind me of something...


....And it sure did bring out the 8 year old in me.

And if it isn't obvious.... I'm feeling much better (besides that huge booger dripping from my nose)! Thanks for all the well wishes on the last post ;-) you guys rock!