Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NaBloPoMo No Mo'

It's official! I made it through National Blog Posting Month and posted everyday for a month! I've gained 3 new "followers" and 4 more subscribers! I've even found a couple good blogs to read myself!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Everyone who left a comment gets a gold star.

Here it is:Enjoy.

If you want to see all of November's posts, click here. You'll also have to click "older posts" at the bottom to see all of them. There are so many! haha.

Will I do it again next year? I think so!

Also, It has been pointed out to me that the "comment" feature on my feed in Google Reader has disappeared on my blog. I have no idea why it vanished but I'm working on fixing it.... I think.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Review

Title: A Crime in the Neighborhood
By: Suzanne Berne
Pages: 304

Book Description:
Crime in the Neighborhood centers on a headline event-- the molestation and murder of a twelve-year-old boy in a Washington, D.C., suburb. At the time of the murder, 1973, Marsha was nine years old and as an adult she still remembers that summer as a time when murder and her own family's upheaval were intertwined. Everyone, it seemed to Marsha at the time, was committing crimes. Her father deserted his family to take up with her mother's younger sister. Her teenage brother and sister were smoking and shoplifting, and her mother was "flirting" with Mr. Green, the new next-door neighbor. Even the president of the United States seemed to be a crook. But it is Marsha's own suspicions about who committed this crime that has the town up in arms and reveals what happens when fear runs wild.

My Thoughts:
Where's the story? I don't know I didn't feel like I got much out of this book. It was basically a slice of Marsha's life and really didn't go anywhere. There wasn't much of a resolution. It was just o.k. and I don't really recommend it. There are better books out there.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Grandma, The Artist

Every time I go to my grandparents I stop a minute and admire the china cabinet.

Grandma's China

It's full of all kinds of cups, plates, bowls, gifts we've given my grandma over the years, pictures, and other random knickknacks... More importantly though, it houses all the china my Grandma has painted.

It seems like every piece I look at I don't believe she painted...

Grandma's China
This one is my favorite!

...until I search for a signature. There it is every time without fail.

Grandma's China

Many of her works include flowers....

Grandma's China

... And nature related stuff....

Grandma's China

...But she painted people also...

Grandma's China

Grandma's China

Grandma's China

Is there anything this woman can't do? I'd like to think there isn't ;-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jumping the Border

Ambassador Bridge

After crossing the Ambassador Bridge into Ontario and sitting in a waiting room for extra "checking" on our passports, my sister and I went for some geocaches. We didn't get far into Canada on account of the FREEZING (not really, but it felt like it) weather. We really just wanted to say that we've been to Canada and also that we've been geocaching there.


We parked our car and walked along the path in the Odette Sculpture Park and grabbed four caches.
geocaching IMG_6320

We also had a little fun with some of the sculptures along the way...


Poor Elephant!

We headed back to the car to warm up and we then exited Canada via the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel.

Detroit/Windsor Tunnel

Have you ever been to Canada??

Profile for ErikaJean
What is Geocaching? Find out here.


I'm BACK in good ol' Arizona. I hardly saw the sun the last week! I miss it!


A couple posts about my trip to Michigan over the next few days I'm sure...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Flashback

Remember these pricey($100-ish) little calculators our parents had to buy us for high school math?


I used this baby all through high school math and science and even into college.... but I haven't touched it since. I had to search for some AAA batteries just to fire the sucker up for this post!

They were awesome (math nerd alert). You could do just about anything math related with them (none of which I remember how to do).... You could also play games on them. Which I often did. Black Jack and Snake were among my favorites. I was sad to see I didn't have them on the calculator anymore.

In high school I learned how to efficiently use my calculator.

I "placed" a lot of "notes" in here for geometry.

Geometry was probably one of the only math classes I had trouble with. I blame the horrible teacher.

I also spent wayyy to much time (during class) drawing pictures on the graphing part of the calculator. There was still a picture on there when I went to look.

I also put some "notes" in here for geometry as well.

With the exception of geometry, I loooved math. Math and science classes were my favorite in high school / college. I probably liked them becuase I never had to study for them! Wooo!

Did you have to use one of these calculators in school? Have to buy your kid one?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Marv's sign

I've mention Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in the past, and I'm going to have to mention it again! Last time I was there I wasn't a geocacher. It turns out there is a virtual geocache there and since it's kind of a unique place I wanted to show Molly it too. It's and arcade... but has tons of unusual and old games.


So, Molly and I went. We killed some time on the pinball machines, found the answers for the virtual cache.... and played tic-tac-toe with a chicken. Yeah, a chicken. Molly lost, and I tied. Haha.

IMG_6003 Marvin's

Marvin's sure has some unique games!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hanging out with Molly

Molly and I met at out Freshman year of college at Ashland University.


(This is a post-Ashland photo, but the oldest one of us I could find at the moment.)

Though I only stayed there one year, we have kept in contact and stayed friends.

She now lives in Northern Ohio, so when I said I was coming to Michigan we compared schedules and decided to meet up. Meeting in the middle didn’t work out as planned, so she drove all the way up(3hrs) to my grandparents. (If you are reading this Molly, Thanks SO much for coming ALL the way up here. I’m so happy I got to see you!)

Erika and Molly

I’ve told Molly a little bit about all the geocaching I do, but I decided taking her to a cache might be a little more exciting. The cache we went after was pretty much a park-and-grab quickie, but I think it still helped illustrate caching.

Molly's 1st Cache Molly's 2st Cache 2

We tried another cache, but I got the dreaded “Batteries Low” message and my GPS turned off within a few minutes. So instead, we decided to head to the lake for some photo opportunities.

IMG_5914 IMG_5909

Molly Jump SC

It was a pretty gloomy day, but the sun decided to peak out from behind the clouds just as it was going down.

Orchard Lake

After playing with the camera for a bit we headed to Panera for some soup, and then to Marvin's Marvelous Museum for a virtual geocache. More on that later!

What is Geocaching? Find out here.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'll be honest. I hate carrying around a camera bag. It's bulky and bothersome. I don't bring a lot of "extra" gear with me anyway. I will carry it in a bag on longer hikes to protect my camera, but for quick short hikes or things like going to a street fair - I don't bother with a bag. The only problem with that is... what if I bump it, drop it, or something spills? What if there is a dust storm??? Any one of those things could happen here and my camera is usually unprotected. Heck, half the time I just put it on the front seat next to me and go!

I've been looking at camera bags, but was more interested in a cover. There aren't a ton out there to choose from, but I decided to go with this Zing Cover.

Camera Case

I love it so far. If you look into getting one for yourself, make sure you read some of the reviews on Amazon - apparently they run small. I'm glad I went for the larger option. Be sure to shop around. I got mine slightly cheaper on a different site. And amazingly, eBay was the most expensive option - yikes!

I guess one of the downsides is that it isn't 100% safe from things like dust because there are holes where the straps go in. It's still better than what I was doing before though, carrying a naked camera! It's not the fastest on/off thing in the world, but then again... is any camera bag?

This is not a sponsored post, I just like the product and thought I'd share it with you in case you were looking for something similar ;-)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's like the Olden Days...

It's like the Olden Days...
Originally uploaded by _ErikaJean_

I miss the internet...

I Hate Walmart

Every time I go to Walmart, I am reminded of how much I hate the place.

Ridiculously looooong lines.

Every. Single. Time.

It makes me miss Meijer's so much.

Half the time I abandon my purchase and leave.... but I really needed the nail clippers I had picked up.


And that horrible picture reminds me, have you seen this awesome add yet?

Awesome Ad
By the way, if you eat those little ice creams, you arm will be as fat as the
arm pictured here, not the one in the ad. ;-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

In the Air Soon...

In the Air Soon...
Originally uploaded by _ErikaJean_

I'm at he Tucson Airport... too early as always! not sitting at my gate. It's too crowded over there. Plane will be packed, ughh. I think i have a window seat though... yey.

I only got about an hour of sleep last night, so if i don't fall asleep, i hope to get a lot of reading done...

By the way, i am blogging with my phone... which might really help me keep up with NaBloPoMo. yey!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I leave tomorrow for a trip to Michigan! Amazingly, my schedule worked out so that I have the day off. So today I'm busy washing laundry and packing my suitcase full of warmmmm clothes.

I will be spending the week at my grandparents house. So that means no cable, and no internet! Technically they have dial-up, but in my book that is equivalent to having no internet. Because I'm participating in NaBloPoMo, I have a few scheduled posts ready to go while I'm gone. I am hoping to hit up a McD's or Panera for some free Wifi while I'm there. That way I can work on a couple posts and approve comments.

This trip isn't working out exactly as I planned. Plans keep changing! Nothing wrong with that... but most of it is because I won't have a car there :-( Renting is just too expensive.

I have a feeling I won't hit my 500 milestone. But hey, there is always 1000 to look forward to right ;-)

All I DO know for sure about this trip is that I plan on reading, a lot. I'm pretty sure, even if I don't get past my grandparents driveway, I'll also take a shitload of pictures ;-)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old Signs

After strolling around campus Saturday I decided to do some driving around. What can I say, I'm an explorer!

Anyway, Arizona seems to be able to hold on to these awesomely huge/old signs. I love it. I don't know if it has to do with the weather, but that is my guess.

Here's the first one I saw.

Sud'n Service
The building matched the signs teal color. For whatever reason, I didn't get a picture of it :-(

And other sign....
Frontier Motel

Some of these I would like to come back to and take later in the day when the sun is at a better angle. The one below being a good example. I love the picture, but it was right into the sun.

Tucson Inn
I think this one would make a wonderful postcard.

More signs!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shooting on Campus (Photography)

On Saturday I tried to grab some geocaches on the University of Arizona campus. I made one find and then came up empty handed on three. After my 3 DNFs I decided to just stroll around and shoot some pictures instead of geocaching.


Just Love Munchie Time




Which one is your favorite?