Sunday, January 9, 2011


I went geocaching for the first time this year!

KennyV and I headed to Catalina State Park again. I've had my eye on Cargodera Flat-Rocks for a while now, so that's where we headed.

On the way we grabbed Crested in Catalina State Park. The cache was near a Crested Saguaro, which is basically a deformed Giant Saguaro. These crested cacti are a result of a condition called fasciation. It's the first time I've ever seen one!


That's me at the cache site below.

We continued on to Cargodera Flat-Rocks Oasis walking in the shade of the mountains the whole way - BBrrrr. We had to cross the wash (typically dry creek beds) 3 times each way that actually had water! The snow on the mountains must be melting!

Water Water Everywhere!

We eventually arrived to the flat rocks, found the cache, signed the log and then had a little snack. The sun came up over the mountain and I grabbed a few shots. The pictures of course, don't compare to the actually beauty. It was such a cool spot!

Cargodera Flat-Rock Oasis

Flat Rocks

Cargodera Flat-Rock Oasis

There was water there too! A "waterfall." ;-)

Arizona "Waterfall"

I've added Cargodera Flat-Rock Oasis as one of my favorite caches. Nothing beats a nice hike and unique location!

The way back was mostly down hill. When we got back, we dumped our stuff in the car and went for a newly placed cache. It was about a mile away on an unmarked trail. Since I didn't feel like lugging my stuff, I don't have any pictures. It was a pretty nice hike too though.

In total we hike 7.16 miles! The most hiking I've done in a day!

Sunday Hike

Did you get to do any caching this weekend?

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  1. Oh Erika, you live in the most beautiful place!

    We did go out this weekend, to an event (which included a really nice hike), and found a couple of physical caches too.

    But your trek through the state park beats our outing hands down!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic day - hiking, caching, beautiful scenery & photos. Cool that you've got someone local to go on the longer hikes with too.
    Well done on your long walk.

    That mutant cactus is fascinating too. I have seen a daisy like the one shown in the link, so now I know what causes it.

    xxx Annie

  3. I did go geocaching on Saturday and picked up two. I trekked 3.25 miles in about 6" of snow. I tried out my new YakTrax that my wife gave me for Christmas.

    Very cool pictures! Thanks!

  4. It looks like you got some great caching in! We haven't cached yet this year. I am planning on filling in all the blank days on my calendar though.

  5. Your desert caching looks great. This is the best time of the year for it! Nothing like seeing a waterfall in the desert!! I do most of my caching during the week!

  6. awesome shots!! love that cactus! seems strange to see that waterfall....amidst the cacti and rocks! beautiful surroundings to hike through!!

  7. Love the photos! An 8 mile hike through that terrain? Wow. We went skiing and snowshoeing with friends who were doing our series of caches. Does that count? I also did a bit of hiking and urban caches yesterday.

  8. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing such a fun-filled but brrrr weather day. (And thanks for commenting on my blog.) :))