Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Review

After getting a bit bored with the last book I read, I decided to seek out a book by an author that I've read before and that I liked... Thus, increasing my chances for a good read. I decided on Melissa Senate. In 2007 I read one of her books in 6 hours. A true "I couldn't put it down" book (that, and I was traveling). This is what I ended up reading....

Book Description:
Between the reality of being six weeks pregnant by a guy she's dated for two months and the fantasy of pushing a baby stroller down Columbus Avenue with a wedding ring on her finger were a lot of possibilities for twenty-nine-year old Manhattan publishing peon Sarah Solomon. Will the baby's father run screaming for the nearest subway . . . or pop the question?

"He's going to deny they ever had sex!" bets cynical sister Ally, an uptown lawyer who catches her "perfect" husband cheating . . . and happily retaliates on

"He might surprise everyone and propose," offers half sister Zoe, a celebrated relationship guru who critiques dates for a living but would have to rate her own love life a big fat zero.

"Huh?" asks their clueless father, too busy planning his society wedding to trophy wife #3 to notice what's up with his daughters. Until Sarah, Ally and Zoe find themselves suddenly sharing a bedroom in his Park Avenue penthouse . . . . "

And thanks to a little help from each other and some unexpected allies, the Solomon sisters are about to wise up in this heartwarming and hilarious novel by Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date.

My Thoughts:
I really liked this one! A nice quick easy read (about 5 days). I found myself laughing and getting excited/nervous for the characters and cheering them on. This book is about 3 sisters who, as the title says, wise up. Its a great book about sisterhood, relationships, forgiving and moving on. The story is told by all three sisters- Sarah, Zoe, and Ally. There is something I just love about getting a different perspective, attitude and overall personality each chapter. It keeps things interesting I guess.


  1. I went to go get this book today at the library but they didn't have it so i put it on hold!! it sounds interesting! i like reading ur blog :)

  2. Nice! let me know when you read it! I do everything with our library online ;-)