Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Missing TBs

In the game of Geocaching a Travel Bug(TB) is a Trackable that moves from place to place, picking up stories along the way. It is left in a cache for the next person to find. When they get home they log the TB with the special # and then place it in another cache.

Quite a few of my Travel bugs have gone missing since I released them into the wild. Some I still have hopes for - the ones that people should have, but won't respond to e-mails >;-( My hope is that the Geocaching bug bites these people again and they do eventually put them back out. (But seriously though - these people drive me fucking nuts. I even offer to send a self addressed and stamped envelope so they can send it back to me if they don't geocache anymore. Even if they told me they lost it, I would be OK with that. Then I could at least send out the copy with out the possibility of having to out there. UGhhh)

Then there are the other TB's, the ones I have no hope for. For example, the ones that were in a cache that is now missing and archived. I have decided to replace a few of those. Here is the first one I've done...

The TB used to be The Trumpeter Swan and had the mission of visiting Michigan Ohio Florida and Iraq.

Trumpeter Swan TB

Now the TB has been changed to Henrietta the Holy Cow.


Current GOAL: Henrietta the Holy Cow would like to do some traveling and at some point visit India, where all cows are Holy. Along the way she would love her picture taken in fields that would be good for grazing. She would be absolutely ecstatic to have her picture taken with a fellow cow if you happen to run into a one on your journey.

FYI: Henrietta has anxiety issues around crowds. Please do not take her to any social gatherings or events. We wouldn't want her to have a panic attack and get herself lost now would we?

Have you ever sent a "COPY" tag out?

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  1. LOVE Henrietta the Holy Cow! Haha...cute idea for sure :) As for the Trumpeter Swan, I'm sad to see that missing. That's the one I started for you - I'm almost positive! Fun bug, that was. Ah well, such is the life of a geocacher!

  2. Yep - you have my sympathies. ALL our TB's have gone missingg. Including PB's Polar Bear, which had been making good progress towards getting to Canada. And my TB in PJ's race. That poor kiwi only went to two caches I think. :(

    I wish people would just READ THE DARN INSTRUCTIONS!!!

    ...... I'm fine now, I've had my little tantrum. Really ....

    :) Annie

  3. Husband went geocaching with a group of scouts for the first time last weekend. He's in Monterey (I'm stuch in PA), and I think he could easily become hooked!

  4. We have been lucky. We've released about two dozen into the wild with about 18 of them still somewhere out there.

    Our worst experience was a troll doll (Sky Pilot). Sky Pilot was picked up by a local cacher we had actually met in January 2006. He decided to quit caching. Despite our offers to meet him and pick-up the TB or pay for mailing it, or just about anything else, he never responded. As luck would have it, he had a relative who knew a cacher and happened to see the TB at his place and asked to take it along and move it. TaDa... in April 2010, Sky Pilot came back to life. Sometimes good things happen.

  5. That would drive me insane... and probably will whenever I get around to sending out TB's. You just need some closure, arghhh!

  6. I certainly feel your pain about those that just hang on to them forever. There's a guy here on Okinawa that has had one of my geocoins for over a year now. I even offered to come to him and pick it up!

  7. blaine's birth/gift TB went missing IN THE CACHE WE LAUNCHED IT IN. grrr. so we are relaunching a copy in california. maybe they'll be more honest out there? LOL.