Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Hike

Today I hiked - just to hike. There was not a single geocache on today's agenda. Which was actually quite fine. I'm really starting to enjoy all the hiking! I just wish my right foot/ankle/arch would decide to agree!

Since I knew we had a long hike ahead I left the "good" camera behind and brought the one from the stone ages along. So please - don't judge my photos! Haha.

I shot a short video of the view up top. Though this isn't the highest elevation we reached, it was the best view! (sorry the sounds is a little too high!, I had my speakers turned down while making it so I didn't realize...)

I really need to invest in an HD video camera.... but anyway, We ended up climbing to 3,710ft above sea level. So in all, it was a 1,163ft climb for us!


Oh yeah, and we ended up hiking a grand total of 6.2 miles! If you have Goolge Earth installed you can click this photo to view the KML if you wish! The hike was at Saguaro Ntional Park (west). We took Hohokam Road to Dobe Wash to the Sendero Esperansa Trail to Hugh Norris Trail.

Hike 1-23-11

It was a rather windy day and stayed nice and cool for most of our hike. We saw a herd of javelina quite a distance below us. I've never actually seen one in the "wild," so that was cool! For those of you don't know the javelinas are the only wild, native, pig-like animal found in the United States! They look like this.... and you say the name like this.

There were also quite a few steps on this hike. Lucky for us most of them were down! As we walked over them we could see that they were steps cut of of rock and we wondered if the CCC did them. Our suspicions were confirmed by the Ranger later. Pretty neat to neat to know your walking on a bit of history!

CCC Steps

One last thing about this hike... and old mine! Awesome.

Old Mine


  1. That's cool that you are getting into hiking for it's own sake! Next thing you'll be doing an overnighter!!! :)

  2. I'm impressed! That's a lot of walking. I thing the steps by the CCC are pretty amazing too!

  3. That's crazy!! Looks like a lot of fun. What a beautiful place. Jealous that I'm sitting in the snow in 20 degree weather and your enjoying the sun :)