Thursday, February 3, 2011

BRrrr, it's Cold in Here....

When I woke up this morning, I knew it'd be cold. I was surprised however, to find out that it was colder here in Tucson, Arizona than in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio! Sure we don't have snow or ice, but boy oh boy was it cold. The "feels like" temperature was 14*F (-10*C) this morning and it smelled like winter. The TV the night before warned of "severe weather" and the ticker was going at the bottom of the screen all night. I found it a little funny myself:

SEVERE weather = a hard frost

What's even better about all of it, there wasn't any actual "frost." I didn't have to scrape my car off at 6:45 this morning. Got to love this dry desert.

People have been insulating their pipes (us included) and leaving their water faucets dripping inside overnight.

Ice Ice Baby

We've been hearing about burst pipes and frozen pipes on the news and from friends. We've even had a little mishap at our house. As long as I'm not shoveling the driveway, I think we'll be ok here in Southern Arizona. ;-)

I'll be dreaming of warmer times while I sleep under the heating blanket tonight....


Spring is right around the corner and it will be summer before we know it!


  1. Wow - that is really cold for Arizona! It's really cold here in Michigan too, but we expect that.
    I love that underwater shot!

  2. I agree, thought I woke up in Wisconsin!!

  3. yeah, i know what you're saying...we've had some nights here in FL where it was colder than up north...this winter!
    weird weather all over this year!
    stay warm.
    c'mon spring! :]

    cool water shot!