Monday, February 21, 2011

A Goal a Week

This Weeks Goal
  • Avoid the drive-thru window like the plague
  • Um, eat on the run anyone? I do, all the freaking time. My excuses usually include (but are not limited to), not having any food in the house, not having time, and I'll just grab it on the way. In all reality, I'm just lazy. Too lazy to go to the grocery store, too lazy to wake up early to make lunch before work. Another big problem is that I craveeee french fries. I absolutely love them. I bet if I didn't eat them all the time I wouldn't miss them! Anyway, today's goal isn't about french fries. If I want french fries I'll have to got to the store, buy them and make them my damn self. This weeks goal is to avoid any building with a drive-thru window! ...And I hate to say, this one is going to be tough for this McD's lovin' gal!
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