Monday, February 28, 2011

A Goal a Week

Last Weeks Goal
  • Avoid the drive-thru window like the plague.
  • Successful? Amazingly enough, yes! I thought about getting fast food 3 times this week. Once when I got off work late around midnight, once the other day when I had absolutely nothing to do, and once yesterday when we went on an early morning impromptu road trip and I hadn't had breakfast yet. But did I give into the urges? Heck no! So now I'm going to be honest....I'm going to allow myself one fast food indulgence this week... and then keep on avoiding it as much as I can... because I just proved to myself that I can!
This Week's Goal
  • No caffeine!
  • Its true I am a caffeine fiend. I prefer my caffeine in the form of a Coca-Cola, but really any fizzy soda containing it will work. This one is going to suck for me. Why? Well, I know an extreme headache is almost certain. Also, because work can sometimes be down right exhausting (chasing around a toddler while also watching an infant)- not to mention, I sometimes have 11 hour days! I've attempted this goal before - though I can't say I've ever been tremendously successful. I am going to allow myself soda without caffeine and juice this week, but that might be tackled next week! Caffeine is in other things too... like chocolate. So yeah - no chocolate either! :-(
Comments are close on my weekly goal posts.

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