Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Signal the Frog

Last week I made a little stuffed toy for the girl I babysit. For anyone that watches kid shows, it's Nick Jr.'s Moose A. Moose. I was going to make Zee too, but I just didn't like the way this one turned out... (I ended up making a Zee)


It's not horrible, but I just couldn't master the blanket stitch. The template (found here) is actually a n0-sew craft for kids... ;-) I was going to include it in her birthday present, but since it wasn't up to par, I just gave it to her. She loved it. Good thing toddlers don't know anything about sewing!

Anyway, last night I decided to give this little craft another try with a geocaching twist! I decided to go with Signal the Frog, Groundspeak's mascot.

I'm really pleased with how this little guy turned out! I did the whole thing with back stitching. I have no idea what I'm going to DO with it... maybe it'd make a good FTF prize or something.

So if you want to make one yourself you will need a few things:
*And some stuffing material!

And this template that I made, with a LOT of help from my mom, might be worth using.

I didn't really take enough photos to do a full blown tutorial (crappy room lighting) But I'll tell you a little bit!

  • Cut out all your pieces first.
  • Start your sewing with the eyes, use 3 strands of matching thread.
  • Sew the little white dots onto the blue pieces.
  • Signal
  • Sew the blue pieces on to the big white eye pieces.
  • Partially Sew completed eyes onto one side of the green face.
  • Stuff eyes. You don't have to do this step, but I think it really adds to it, and was glad I did!
  • Signal
  • Complete sewing eyes on- do some sneaky sewing and go only through the white, not the blue!
  • Sew a smile with dark green thread. I used 4 strands for that part.
  • Cut 4 blue triangles and sew 2 on each side of the face. These triangles are not included in the template. Just wing it!
  • Set face aside.
  • Sew together the two yellow signal parts leaving the bottom open.
  • Stuff the signal.
  • Sandwich the the signal between the two green face parts and pin.
  • Start sewing around the face. Don't forget to leave it open near the end so you can stuff it before you close it up!
And there you go! Signal!




  1. Love them both, but especially Signal the crosseyed froggie :)

  2. He turned out adorable!

    Now, aren't YOU the clever one.

  3. @Sarah- He's only cross-eyed cause the Groundspeakers made him that way! ;-)

    @ Fitzy- you bet!

  4. Now I have his voice stuck in my head...

    "Moose A. Moose here.."

  5. so cute!!

    i don't know who Moose A Moose is...when i started scrolling and saw the antlers ...i thought it was going to be Bullwinkle! (from Rocky & Bullwinkle?) you have no idea, right?!!

    anyway...great crafty job!!! :]

  6. I'm back-tracking...I just came from looking at Zee and now I'm here.

    This is great, and your pictures and instructions are very good too.


  7. you always amaze me with your creativity!!

  8. so cute!!! he would look cute appliquéd on a quilt!