Friday, February 18, 2011


There is a nice segment about geocaching on Tekzilla. But the most important part is near 15:15. So go check it out!

It's pretty much just a screen shot from Google images, but still kind of cool. I'm a little annoyed that they used my picture without asking, but since it was just a cellphone pic I don't care too much.

The picture is from this post, I hadn't even found 100 yet!

Thanks Tripcyclone for pointing this out to me!!


  1. Great benefit of using watermarks. They probably won't use as many of your photos because of it, but you've gotta take the good with the bad!

    WE know it was YOUR photo, tho, and it's still very cool.

  2. While it's annoying they didn't ask, technically they didn't have to - the way they used it is protected under "fair use", although they should have given attribution :)

  3. Yeah, I wasn't saying they had to ask.. I just it would have been nice! (if anything jut so I would have known it was there!)

  4. I'm with you Erika. It's always a "surprise" to see your work in others and not always a good surprise. I think it's cool in this case but would be even cooler if you had the permission email to go with it.
    I too am guilty of posting some things without permission however, I try to stay with permissions for my blog. It's the right thing to do.