Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tucson's Famous Bridge

While I was downtown for a geocaching event today I decided to go after a virtual cache I've driven by many times before. With it being Sunday, parking was easy to find - so I made a quick grab and took some pictures.

Tucson's famous bridge, "The Rattlesnake Bridge," is a pedestrian bridge that goes over a main roadway. There weren't many people using the bridge when I was there, so I had some time to walk around and check it out. The virtual cache is near the head of the beast.

Apparently the eyes light up at night!

Snake Bridge

I couldn't really get a good angle on the body, but this gives you an idea.

Snake Bridge

According to, the body is 280ft long.

In the Belly of the Beast

Near the end of the bridge is a motion sensor speaker that puts out a rattle sound. I wasn't expecting that when I crossed over!

Snake Bridge

Do you have any cool bridges in your area?


  1. We have nothing as cool as that! The rattle is a neat touch. I love the shot of you in the bridge!

  2. Love that bridge! Went to it a couple of years ago for a virtual.


  3. Yikes! That is a cool bridge...but my fear of snakes makes this sorta weird for me. Not sure how I'd feel about it rattling.

    There aren't any cool bridges in my city - but when I drive up north there's a restaurant called Weber's that's basically a roadside hamburger place. So good. Anyways, you can get to it from both sides of the highway because there's this huge orange pedestrian bridge so you can cross over and the there's parking on the other side.

  4. Way cool bridge!!! Not sooo bad being swallowed by this particular snake?

    Your watermark on your pics looks good too.

  5. That's a cool bridge. You should get down there and take some photos of it at night. That would be wild!

  6. That is fabulous! Now I need to go look. I'm having out of town company and this would be fun to take them to. Thanks.

  7. Pj - than's be cool, but there are a crapload of homeless around down town in the evenings.

    Teri- It's over Broadway

    Annie- nope, not so bad! Thanks for the comment about the watermark.

    Allison- That's a pretty cool idea about getting to it from both sides! Double the business all because of bridge ;-)

    Just Hike - I saw your pics in the log!

    Mari - Thanks!

  8. I wish my hometown of Wellington had architecture like this ... At best it offers a beehive-shaped Parliament and an international airport that now resembles Wilma and Fred Flintstones' house.

  9. Erika.. what a cool bridge.. you get out and see a lot of cool places! It's awesome.

  10. This is so cool! Great pictures as usual!

    Toledo built a very impressive (but less quaint and charming) bridge a few years ago that features programmable LED lights on it's massive struts:

    For cool photos Google Veterans' Glass City Skyway Bridge.