Thursday, February 3, 2011

Within a Mile Multi Geocache

I liked this multi-cache, so I thought I'd share it with you.


The Geocaching team adopted a mile. One end contains the coordinates for a cache that is located somewhere in the middle of the mile.

When I got to the first stage I felt a little awkward becuase there was a couple doing yard work in their very nearby yard . I was kind of walking around like I wasn't up to anything, desperately trying to find something to act interested in and interested in taking a picture of... but the guy knew what I was up to and pointed to where I needed to look for the coordinates for the second stage!

After making a couple U-turns and finding the best place to park, I quickly found the second stage. Geocaching has definitely made me a u-turn pro!

Yikes, that is a 10 year old song!


  1. That sounded like a lot of fun! It's a bit far from me, but we'll have to check it out someday. :)

  2. I am now up to 65 woop de woop lol
    but I haven't managed out yesterday or today as the weather is so so bad, gales and now rain. We managed 4 on Sunday after an uneventful Saturday,and one in Glasgow on Wednesday. I am running out of traditional ones in Ayr. But have a few lined up for the weekend in Troon. I am awaiting a hand on the shoulder one day when geocaching and a voice saying "Excuse me madam WHAT are you doing" lol there is one I am desperate to do but would need to be night time,i tried it one night but couldn't reach the little blighter so hubby said he would get it for me sometime. Off to Vancouver on holiday later, so will take my GPS with me and one or two co-ords, just in case ;-)

  3. @amy - yeah it is a little far, but on the way to tombstone!

    @Ann 65! Awesome Have a good time on your trip!!!

  4. Thank you Erika Jean. I watched the video of the cemetery on your blog,very interesting indeed,all those years back.
    hubby is watching the golf on tv from Scotsdale Arizona and just said that one day was delayed because of frost, I had told him about the frost you had.