Monday, March 28, 2011

Balloon Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Easter Wreath

You Will Need
Long slender balloon
White Glue
Mixing Bowl
Mixing Spoon
Wire wreath
Optional- a bird, some mini bird eggs and some Easter basket stuff.

Step 1
Prepare crafting area!! I put down a couple of garbage bags for counter/floor protection. 
Blow up the balloon (I used a bike pump because I couldn't blow it up myself!). Be sure to get the balloon length correct - you want it to be the same size as the wire wreath you have - not including the ends or the balloon where it starts getting smaller... so a little bit longer 2 or 3 inches. You could get out the measuring tape, but I'm the kind of girl that just likes to wing it! When the balloon is desired length tie balloon ends together. Bend balloon so it is more of a round shape vs. the teardrop shape you get when you first tie ends together.


Step 2

In a large mixing bowl combine water and white glue. I used Mod Podge and a little Tacky Glue because that is what I had laying around - Elmer's would work fine too. As for the amount of water... I just winged it (see, I do that a lot). More glue than water - somewhat thick, but not too watery ;-) 


Step 3
Unravel some string into the bowl. I used about as much as you see below each time to avoid tangling while wrapping. Hold the end and push the string into the glue. Try not to stir it up or anything, because the knots will be a nightmare! Dip the end in your hand into the glue last - but don't let go! Gather the string up into a ball and give it a real light squeeze.


Step 4
Begin wrapping! Try not to be too perfect when doing this. Don't always go the same way.
You start with that end of the string you held onto in step 3. I like to wrap over my start point so it holds it a little more securely. When you end the string, try to find another piece to tuck it under.

And as you can see in the picture below, the ball of yarn goes in, out and around the balloon circle.

Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until you are satisfied. Be sure not to leave and huge gaping holes without string. Do leave the top open though. Stop right where the balloon starts getting smaller. This is where yo will put your eggs in later

Step 5
Let it dry overnight! I was afraid mine was going to drip like crazy becuase the egg I made did. So made this elaborate drying system - but there wasn't a single drip... so I think if you just placed it on a clean garbage bag it would be fine.  I took pictures, so I'll show you anyway. :-)


The above system might help it dry faster, but like i said - probably not necessary.

Step 6
After it has dried overnight and seems to be thoroughly dried - pull out that knife and POP that balloon! Spray with clear coat of spray paint if so desired. I feel like it made mine a little more sturdy.


Step 7
After clear coat has dried, start adding eggs! I used the cheap plastic eggs that get hidden for kids, but if you have more money than I do, you could opt for something fancier.


Put the eggs in and work them around the whole wreath gently, the wreath at this point is a bit fragile.

Step 8
With left over matching yarn, tie ends together. Attach wreath to wire wreath with yarn as well, this will help add structure and keep shape. you can spray the wire wreath to match beforehand if you so desire. They usually come in a green color. You can also be cheap like me, and only use one circle of the wire wreath... though looking back I wish I would have used the whole thing ;-)

I ended up cutting some more, and only used one circle.

Step 9
If you want you can spruce up you wreath a little more with ribbon or a cute little birds nest like I did. 




This wreath was inspired by one of the many yarn ball tutorials I have seen around the web. Here is just one example. I made my own yarn egg before tackling the wreath. They are a lot less complicated if your looking for something simple!

Easter Egg


  1. I came to see if you had been out caching...and found this. So cute.
    Let's see I have everything, except the balloon, the yarn and the wire wreath. Easter is still weeks away, maybe there is time to gather supplies!

  2. You should post this to "instructables"

    Pretty cool site where folks do and make all kinds of things and post up their "tutorial"...

  3. Wow, that is seriously awesome and creative! I need to get some balloons asap so I can do this. :)

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  4. that is so cool! so creative! so easter! so FUN!!!

    thanks!! i'm going to have to try this...but first i have to wait for a day that has MORE than 24 hours in it!! :]

  5. Just wanted to let you know I linked up to your project on the dollar store crafts facebook page!

  6. OMG I love it!!! such a great idea!!!! and i love how it looks with the eggs inside... absolutely genius....

  7. What a neat idea! I'm doing a post of Easter wreaths on my blog tomorrow, and I'm featuring you. Come by and check it out!