Monday, March 7, 2011


On Sunday we (TreckStarL, 7844RETIKON, KennyV and myself) successfully completed the Blinky Series. The Blinky Series consists of 31 caches placed in the shape of Blinky, one of the ghost guys from Pac-Man.

Blinky Finished!

Along with the Blinky Series we were able to grab 11 other caches for a grand total of 42 caches. This breaks my previous record for caches in one day - a measly 18.


From the 1st cache to the last cache we covered 41 miles in 10 hours and 15 minutes. This is not including the 45 min dive to and from the location! So in all, our day came in a little under 12 hours! Our time unfortunately included a tire change half way through. We attempted to squeeze through a gate that wasn't quite big enough. All we needed was one more inch!

Oopsies! Oopsies!

I purchased an Arizona State Trust Land permit just so I could do these caches. The turn around on the permit was super quick, and now I have many more caches I can go get! The permit only cost 15$ for a year.

State Trust

Some of the state trust land gets leased out to farmers, so there were a lot of cows and cow pies! Actually, I probably saw more pies than cows. One of the caches even used a dried cow pie as camo. Yuck!

Cow Pie!

Our day consisted of a lot of driving,
Driving Driving


and log signing.
Blinky Blinky

It was a long day, but good company, good caches and nice scenery made it a ton of fun!

Have you ever geocached a shape or picture like this?

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Gonna have to do that series with Jdub Pooch

  2. Awesome! I love when they get creative with cache placement like that. I seem to remember there being a smiley face one south of Benson somewhere.

    We recently got our State Trust permit too and did our first caches on State Trust land this past weekend. :)

  3. Very cool series of caches. And congrats on shattering your record... but remember, it's not about the numbers! ;)

  4. That looks awesome! Love the gif you made at the end. I'm an avid cacher but have never found caches in a shape like that. There is not enough room around here to create one, Caches are already everywhere, and if there is room it's in the mountains or forest so wouldn't work as nicely. I followed you here from Sandier Pastures..

  5. Awesome! I've loved Pac-man since I was tiny. Congratulations on breaking your record. That stinks about the flat tire. How small was this gate???

  6. Congrats on that series! Looks like something I would hide, lol! I love series caches, they have a sense of accomplishment all to its own. That is, when you find them all....

  7. Now THAT's far out! I must admit, I'm a little disappointed I didn't think of that!

  8. Pretty cool. Never done one that made a picture or shape. I am happy just to grab them here or there, when we are going places. Nice to find a fellow geocacher in blogland. I'll need to check back and see what other adventures you find.

  9. How cool is that!? I don't believe there's anything like that around here, but it might be worth looking around to see if one exists. Awesome scenery you have there.