Sunday, March 27, 2011


One of the families I nanny for has another one on the way! If you know me or have been reading this blog for some time, you know I love to make baby gifts (onesies, more onesies and that quilt)! This time I opted for something simple - burp cloths. There are tons of tutorials out there, but I settled on this one because it didn't involve anything too complicated and turning things inside/right-side out was not in the instructions. :-)

I wish I would have taken some pictures of the process, but I did all my work at night and lighting sucked. I decided to go with more "boy" pattens rather than "baby boy" patterns. I used flannel if you're wondering.


Besideds looking like giant pads (without wings), I think they turned out pretty good. The edges are frayed, here is a closer look...


The only thing I did different than the tutorial was quilting the cloth rather than just sewing one line across the middle. They seem pretty absorbent and I think they will do a perfect job of catching baby spit-up!


  1. I think they turned out great!

  2. Love them!! Even if the baby doesn't spit up that much you can use them for so much.

    A friend made me some for Alexis from reusable diapers and just sewed like appliques on them.