Saturday, March 19, 2011

Craft Time

The best part of work? Craft timeeeee!

These guys are little wood pieces glued together and painted. They have magnets on the back. I've learned that the key to making anything involving painting and a toddler is giving them ONE color at a time. Otherwise everything is one big brown blob! ;-) You could also give them to colors to mix, as long as the two colors are primary ;-) That green guy was the result of some fun mixing!


On a totally unrealated note... The powercord to my Macbook has failed me again. The first time I had Apple Care and it was replaced for free... but that has since run out - so I'm waiting on one from good ol' E-bay. won't have it until the middle of the week! Yikes!!!


  1. Cute and crazy lil guys! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I have been through 2 cords as well!

  3. My mac power cord died on me two last year. So annoying!

  4. These guys are so cute. I have seen more mud colors produced with preschool paintings...but some of them actually think it is cool! So depending on things, sometimes they only get the primary to see what color they get when mixing. Other times they mix galore and get mud.