Monday, March 14, 2011

Geocaching on Bike


The nice weather had to be taken advantage of this past weekend! I went out with KennyV for a few caches early Sunday morning. Since the caches we were after were near a nice path we decided to break out the bicycles. 6 of the caches we found today provided us with clues to a mystery cache. We successful found all the clues and the mystery cache. There was another traditional cache nearby and in all I ended up with 8 finds. I also visited quite a few caches that I'd already found so KennyV coud grab a few more smileys.


We covered 7.51miles in 3hr 31min with our bikes. This includes time on our bikes and time walking our bikes through some sandy areas. That mileage/time is represented by the blue line below. The pink line is strictly walking time where we parked that car and hiked to the cache (2.7miles in 1hr 15 min)

Geocaching Map 
10.21 miles total!

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To learn more about geocaching watch this video!


  1. Geocaching looks so fun! I might have said this before but I really like to try it!

  2. That's an awesome video? What software did you use to produce it? iMovie? I like the sepia effect.

  3. how funny you got the bikes out Erika, we did the same on Monday lol we bought a bike rack for the car that morning, so we drove to the next town where there are a few caches to be had, so along the track we went on the bikes and got 3 of them. Oh and got 2 today along another track but this time in Ayr where we just walked along. I am so so hooked on the geocaching, and cannot wait for my geo daughter to come up next month from England to stay with the little granddaughters so we can all go out.
    thank you for visiting me, we are off to Canada in May so I have a couple of caches looked for the area we are staying in. This sport has certainly taken us to places in our own town that we did not now where there. :-)

  4. Awesome.

    I'm actually taking my bike to the shop today to get a tuneup and I plan on using it a lot more this year. We're planning on a geocaching trail with many caches on a 13-mile bike trail.

    I wish we had more spots like you talk about in this post. I'd love to be able to go for a nice, long ride and get a handful of caches. So nice.

    Great stuff!

  5. We do some cacheing on mountain bikes here in the North East Pocono Mountains. I love it and you can cover a lot of ground, get a good workout and have fun.
    Erika, THIS post is truly some of your best work yet! You just keep getting better and better. I really enjoyed all of the work you put into this. Nice job!

  6. Hi! Found your blog from another geocacher. You should check out Trailzilla for cycling and walking trails.