Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Goal a Week

I realize this post is late, but I've been working on my goal since Monday!

Weeks Goal

  • No Caffeine
  • Successful? ugh... Nope! I was successful for a few days, but I lost it while babysitting and cracked open a Dr. Pepper. It was all downhill from there! I Will CERTAINLY revisit this goal.
This Week's Goal
  • In bed by 12:30am!
  • I have no normal sleeping pattern at ALL. I decided on 12:30am becuase I am truly a night owl. I also don't usually work until 11:30am the next morning! typically the earliest I work is 8:30, but those days are rare. So even then I'd be getting enough sleep. My only problem is... That I am a super sleeper. If left alone I will sleep 12 hours. I freaking LOVE sleeping. I've been trying to wake up at 10am, so I don't sleep too much - but it isn't' exactly my most favorite thing to do!
Comments are close on my weekly goal posts