Monday, March 21, 2011

A Goal a Week

Last Weeks Goal (really it was two weeks ago since I skipped one!)
  • In bed by 12:30am
  • Successful? For the most part, yes! I was in bed, TV off and computer put away... but it often took me forever to fall asleep! I'm going to try to stick with this goal as much as I can. Though I know I'm already scheduled to babysit until 1am one day this week...
This Week's Goal
  • Pick up 20 things a day.
  •  I'm a really messy person. I'll clean and then I'll turn around and everything will be a mess the next day. Usually it has to do with getting into my craft stuff trying to find something or getting backed up on laundry. So I'm hoping by first cleaning my spaces and then doing 20 things a day every day will keep me caught up! If there isn't 20 things to pick up/do in my spaces (bathroom & bedroom) I'll move on to other areas of the house...  
Comments are close on my weekly goal posts

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