Sunday, March 13, 2011


All these oranges are headed to the dump! Sad to see, but they were just too tiny!


There are more left on the tree too... ah! Never ending oranges!


  1. Tiny, but they sure do look good. I think I could overdose on oranges.

  2. The truth is that Americans throw nearly half their food away each year! I'm a foodie and can think of at least ten different uses for those beautiful oranges! It’s sad! Check out American Wasteland by Jonathan Bloom.

  3. The edible part it about the size of a quarter and they are pretty tart... believe me, I know it is sad. We LOVE our oranges, but our tree just didn't get it right this year. Bud are about to bloom so they had to go!

  4. They're so cute, like fruit for toddlers or pixies.
    Another option for people with excess food supplies would be donating them to a local Free Store (if your area has one).
    I volunteer at one in my hometown and you'd be surprised what people will take. Even bulbs of fennel are popular if there's nothing else on the shelves.

  5. ...seems like there must be SOMEWHERE these tiny oranges can go spend out their remaining days...other than the dump??!! hmmmm...