Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pajamas Fix.

I'm a nanny, and the little girl I watch loooves her panda Pjs... She loves them so much she wore out the bottoms! I offered to take them home and patch them up - my offer was accepted. I went to the fabric store to look for the gripper bottoms. I spent a $1.40 on the fabric, and I probably have enough left to do six more feet.

There I Fixed it.

I think they look pretty good, not perfect - especially if you look at the actual sewing (who sees that part anyway though?!). The only thing I'm worried about is the seam bothering her on the inside. The stuff (I don't know the technical term? anyone know?) I used is much sturdier then what used to be there, which makes the seams a little more stiff.

But anyway, here is my question... why are all the bottoms in these one-piece pajamas always white?? I mean, a darker color would make so much more sense! They always end up getting so dingy looking.

...When I was a kid the bottoms were made out of a different material (still white though) and my sisters and I used to scuff our feet around on the carpet and shock each other! You can't do that anymore :-(


  1. I remember being able to shock each other with those old pj's too.
    I think you did a great job!

  2. Cute! You are so crafty - yes, black bottoms would make so much more sense!

  3. you are so good!! (and you're right! a darker color would be great for the soles!!)

    i remember shocking each other!! still do it today...socks on the carpet works great! OUCH! (never grow up...never grow up...) :]