Saturday, March 26, 2011


I still do Postcrossing here and there... and it is not like I need more postcards... but I went browsing at the used book store yesterday. I managed to score two postcard books. To my defense I found 5 booklets and only purchased two! The other three were in the art section and just a little too boring for my taste!

Used Bookstore Score

I've mentioned in the past that I often look for postcards in the gift book section, on the front counters, in the humor section and in the art section... I'd like to add another section to the list - The movie book section. Not the section where they sell movies, but the section where they have books about movies. That is where I found the Marilyn Monroe cards.

I'm not sure if I have any Postcrossing people out there who still read, but I'm looking for blank offbeat/offensive postcards. So if you want to trade a few cards please let me know! Also, a fun source for fun postcards (though they tend to cost a little more than your typical used bookstore find) - Chronicle Books.


  1. Nice looking set of postcards. I have yet to run into some off beat ones like that, although my daughter bought me some humorous ones for Christmas.

    Whenever I travel, I usually look in the gift stores for postcards just to keep my supply up.

  2. Great postcard book finds! Wish I could find stuff like that in my area.
    I just got back on the Postcrossing & bloggin' choo choo train after taking a few months off. I'm always on the lookout for offbeat/unusual postcards, will let you know if I find the type you are seeking.

  3. i'm so excited to meet fellow postcrossing enthusiasts here in our country on november.

    dropping by here, hope we can have a swap of postcard too.

    visit me at

    thanks much