Friday, April 1, 2011

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy featured somewhat of a musical episode last night. I did NOT like it. Their voices weren't particularly good and it was jumpy as hell. It took away from the episode - it did not add to Grey's at all. I cringed evertime Hunt had to sing. Ick. I mean I understand it - This is what Callie was seeing/imagining.... But seriously I'd rather watch a couple episodes of crazy Izzie than anymore of that singing crap. This isn't Glee people. Don't ever try that again!

Does anyone else watch Greys Anatomy? What did you think?


  1. Yes, it’s true! Bloodhounded is a Grey fan!
    OMG! It was like a comedy and a bad one at that. It got it too but even I could have orchestrated a better episode. The song selection was good but it would have been better to have the original artist rendition with some cinematography that faded to scenes and focused on events in relationship to the main characters. It was bad! Real bad and I lost a great deal of respect for the series. What’s next? Even the “reality” episode was better.

  2. I liked what they were trying to do. But I def agree with the voices not being so great.

    Do you watch House? They did a musical episode a month ago or so... If you don't watch it you should find it on Hulu bc they did it sooooo much better. Helped that Hugh Laurie actually has a musical background tho.

  3. o man.. i was a die-hard fan.. but i could NOT even watch a full 'song'!! yuk!

    -yo sis

  4. @Bloodhounded, it WAS a bit comical - however the "story" part of it got me and I was crying like a baby! lol

    @Ashlei, I do watch House - but only the reruns on the other cable channels ;-) I'll be on the lookout for that episode though!!

    @Sis, I'm glad I'm not alone!! Good thing it was only one episode.

  5. Yeah, that was one good thing. My wife said "you're all teary eyed" and I quickly shot back "ah yes, from laughing so hard". lol! It made for a good cover up for a guys guy like me.