Sunday, April 17, 2011

Postcrossing Meet-Up!

I went to my first Postcrossing Meet-Up today. There were only 5 of us, but it was still nice getting together with those that share the Postcard hobby.


None of us had ever been to a Postcrossing Meet-Up so we weren't quite sure what to do. I brought my shoebox full of blank cards in hopes of someone wanting to trade... but no one brought theirs, so I held on to mine ;-)

One thing we did do, was pass around some of our own cards for user-name signatures. These cards can then be sent off to other Postcrossers or held on to for a small memento of the meet-up.

I wanted to have a postcard to give to everyone at the event, so I made these cards up the day before. I think they were a big hit!


We had our meet up at a cafe type place... and next door was the used bookstore! So of course I had to run over their and check it out. I'd never been to this particular store, since it was on the other side of town... but it was a BIG store and they had a TON of postcards. This is what I ended up buying...


If you are a Postcrosser, have you ever been to a meet-up? What did you do there?

If you're not a Postcrosser, do you send postcards to those at home when you go on vacation?


  1. Nice group photo. I've heard of meet-ups, have never been to one though. Not yet, anyway.
    You find the best postcard books!
    Vacation...what's that?

  2. I've never been to one, but would love to. There are quite a few in London so I'll make it one day. Love sending postcards on holiday though!

  3. i've never heard of postcrossing!
    BUT i DO have quite a collection of post cards! in fact every time i go someplace new...that's the first thing i a postcard...what a perfect reminder of where i've been.

    AND i've collected some OLD postcards too...over the years.
    ok...guess it's time to check out your postcrossing page up there...and see what it's all about... :)

  4. Postcrosser, but unactive right now (new baby doesn't give me enough time!). I can't afford to go to any meets, as I live near nobody and my trips are all with family. We send the kids postcards on vacation - they choose the card and we write them a short note about our trip. They also sometimes send to Grandma. :)

  5. I would love to go to a meeting like this. I hope there is one in Phoenix soon!
    Also, Bookman's is the bookstore and I love that place. There are two here in the valley also. That "awkward questions" postcard set looks hilarious. :D

  6. Thanks for posting about the Tucson meet up -- I was wondering how it went. The postcards you had made up for the event are great!
    I've never been to one. I live in the Phoenix area, and I'd attend for sure. I may even go to Tucson for one (keep my name/blog for reference if you want to invite me).

    I prefer to send postcards from my holiday spot so they're postmarked appropriately, and yes I'm one of those weird people who brings stamps/addresses with them to be prepared for postcard writing.

    Will check out the rest of your blog -- I got the link from Postcrossing forum. I am Chandlerguera on Postcrossing.

  7. Hi, there - I'm a PostCrosser from British Columbia, Canada - eicuthbertson is my handle. I've never been to a PostCrossing meetup but I was thinking about organizing one here in Vancouver, BC and was searching for info. Happy I found your blog.
    (I'm in BookCrossing too.) Love the look of that 'awkward questions' book you found.