Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mt. Lemmon Geocaching

I've been geocaching up on Mt. Lemmon before, but there were still quite a few left up there for me to get. It was a beautiful day on Monday! Down in Tucson it was in the 70's and in Summerhaven (the town on top of Mt. Lemmon) it was in the 60's - Perfect caching weather!

Mt. <span class=

In all, I ended up with 13 finds! There were a couple of DNFs(did not find) and DNAs(did not attempt) along the way. Sometimes the cache looks good on paper, but when you get there it's just too hard to attempt, the energy levels are too low, or there are too many muggles ... all good excuses for a DNA in my opinion!

Of course the highlights were the 3 Earth Caches!

<span class=
Luckily I remembered the string, tape measure
and something heavy to complete these caches!
<span class= <span class=
Yes, I'm wearing a fanny pack. Bahaha.

There were also a couple fun tradition caches as well...

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

A good day of caching and great scenery. I'm tempted to go back up there just to take photos. ;-)


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Have you ever geocached on a Mountain?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slow Going

Things have been slow around here lately. I haven't been doing much of anything. I've been working (very slowly) on a couple of super secret projects. I'll share those with you later!


Tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler - so there are some geocaching plans in the works. While the rest of the US is gearing up for geocaching weather... We here in Arizona are winding down. I mean really... who wants to flip a rock or lift up a lamp post skirt in 100+ degree weather - not me!

So hopefully I'll have a small geocaching update in the next few days, some project updates in the next few weeks and other things as they happen! Unfortunately though, my summer looks pretty uneventful!

Do you have any exciting summer plans?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Flashback

The batting cage we used to have in the back yard...


This picture must have been taken shortly after it was put up. The dirt looks fresh by the poles, there are some lights in the background that were never put up, and the machine that was usually at that end isn't there. My older sister was an awesome fast-pitch softball player - and the reason for the batting cage. I remember never wanting to feed balls in the machine because she hit the ball so hard. I think at one point we had our little red wagon propped up for protection.

One of my best friends and I spent a whole summer out there switching ourselves to lefty's and learning how to do all kinds of bunts....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Mile a Day - Update!

Well, I missed two days this week. I'm not even going to try to make excuses - I missed them. End. Of. Story.

Life goes on. I'm still on task and still averaging at least 1 mile a day in the grand scheme of things - which is my goal. I could walk .95 miles and complete the challenge tomorrow... But I want to keep walking. I'm actually enjoying getting out on a regular basis. So, tomorrow I'm going to walk that .95 mile and then some... and then I'm going to walk everyday after that!

Distance (mi)
Crunching on Roaches
Windy Walk After Work
Mini Walk with Kiddos
Stroller Pushing
Loop Lit by Moonlight.
Moonlit Walk

This Week
Total miles = 8.21
Average miles a day = 1.17

Over all (May)
Total miles - 30.05
Average Miles a day =1.43

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding Proposal

What a CUTE wedding proposal. And now that they have a viral video - I'm sure the wedding is paid for!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Clouds (I Hope You Like Pictures)

I was looking at some of my older Flickr pictures the other day and it reminded me of how much I miss RAIN and CLOUDS. I know a lot of the country has had too much of both - But what I wouldn't give for a few clouds! Rain? What's that? I don't REMEMBER the last time I saw it!

Last year's Monsoon season suckkkked. So I'm hoping for a better one this summer. We didn't get much of any rain this winter - which seriously hurt the wildflowers this year....Though it's not monsoon season yet, they say there is a chance of rain tomorrow. It's only a 20% chance though - Sometimes I forget this IS actually the desert!

Anyway. I guess I'll just have to keep going through my pictures and keep dreaming!

Cotton Candy Over Tucson


Arizona Sky



Bright White

Arizona Sky

Seriously, the sky here is endless!


Arizona Sky


And I'll end this post with on of my most favorite shots (and the FIRST photo I've sold!!)


Monday, May 16, 2011

The Postal history Foundation

Near the University of Arizona in downtown Tucson there is a great little place called the Postal History Foundation. It is a pair of two buildings - one that houses a mini postal museum & post office and another that is a library with stamps and other mail related things. To learn more about the place you can watch the video below.

The best part about this place though, in my opinion... There are no lines and they have all the stamps that are currently issued!

It's a neat little place to check out if you live in the area... and if you don't, well... It's just another reason to come to Tucson!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Mile a Day - Update!

While I didn't walk every day this week, I am still within my 1 mile a day average that is the goal of this Challenge. Motivation has been rather low this week. I think I need to stop waiting until after work (when I'm tired) to walk and start waking up and going out in the morning... Of course waking up in the morning is one of my least favorite things to do - So we'll see. I did manage to add some jogging in with one of my walks... But with asthma and the allergies right now, it probably wasn't the best idea. I'm still coughing from it :-(

Distance (mi)
Juan Bautista de Anza Trail & 'hood
Goose egg
Right before the clock struck 12!
Mini Walk
Nearby Street Stoll/Jog
Around the Neighborhood
Mini Walk
Around the Block
To the Store and Back

This Week
Total miles = 8.62
Average miles a day = 1.23

Over all (May)
Total miles - 21.84
Average Miles a day =1.56


I was in the kitchen with my Mom when I noticed a cat in the backyard. A rather large cat I thought... No, not a cat... a Bobcat! We went to the window to have a better look and scared him up onto the fence. From there, we saw him wagging his tail and then jump down on to something on the other side. I dashed in to the other room for my camera, looked over the fence and managed to snap these pictures before he left.

Back Yard Bobcat!

If you look closely below the bobcat there is a rattle snake with a ground squirrel (which he later lost). We're wondering if the bobcat stole part of the snake's lunch...

Here it is zoomed in..

Snake with Packrat

Mmm ground squirrel.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review

Title: The Department of Lost and Found
Author: Allison Winn Scotch
Pages: 320

Book Description:
In this hopeful, humorous, and astonishingly deft debut, Allison Winn Scotch explores what happens when a young woman thinks she's lost everything that matters—and ends up discovering what's truly important. This is a novel that will leave you taking stock of what's important in your own life . . . and never letting it go. It didn't start out as the worst day of Natalie Miller's life. At thirty, she is moving up the political ladder, driven by raw ambition and ruthless determination. As the top aide to New York's powerful female senator, she works hard, stays late, and enjoys every bit of it, even if the bills she's pushing through do little to improve the lives of the senator's constituents. And if her boyfriend isn't the sexiest guy alive, at least he's a warm body to come home to. Then he announces he's leaving. But that news is barely a blip compared to what Natalie's doctor tells her: She has breast cancer. And she can't cure it by merely being headstrong. Now the life Natalie must change is her own. All her energy, what little of it she has left, must go into saving herself from a merciless disease. So when she's not lying on the sofa recovering from her treatments and indulging in a curious addiction to The Price Is Right, she realizes it's time to take a hard look at her choices. She begins by tracking down the five loves-of-her-life to assess what went wrong. Along the way, she questions her relationships with her friends, her parents, her colleagues, the one who got away, and, most important, with herself: Why is she so busy moving through life that she never stops to embrace it? As Natalie sleuths out the answers to these questions, her journey of self-discovery takes her down new paths and to unexplored places. And she learns that sometimes when life is at its most unexpected, it's not what you lose that makes you who you are . . . it's what you find.

My Thoughts:
I worried this book would be all "gloom and doom" as they say, but I really enjoyed it. While yes, Natalie has cancer, this book is more about Natalie both losing her self and finding herself (as the title implies). She learns to ask for help, lean on her friends, evaluate herself, and move on. This book isn't with out it's sad moments, but those are the ones that remind us of the harsh reality of Natalie's disease. It was a fairly quick read that invoked emotion = the definition of a good book for me!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mom
Happy Mother's Day!

My Mom's Mom

My Mom's Mom's Mom

Happy Mother's Day to these 3 lovely women - without whom, I wouldn't be here! Happy Mother's day to the other side of my family as well and to all the wonderful Mommas out there!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mile a Day - Update!

Remember that walking challenge I was talking about? Well, we're one week into it. So far I've managed to get out everyday this week. I've actually even been able to average over 1 mile a day, so that is even better! This challenge is totally do-able. It's just a matter of setting aside atleast 20 minutes of the day to walk. I'm excited for the rest of the month....

Distance (mi)
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Under Twin Peaks.
Nice Little Walk in the Darkness.
Walk to Subway and Hitched a Ride Home!
Stroller Pushin' in the Wind
Christopher Columbus Park - Around the Lake
North Mountain Park - Casa Grande

Total Miles = 13.22
Average Mile a Day = 1.89

By the way, to anyone who joined the challenge on dailymile, the actual challenge page is gone - too complicated to explain why... But the challenge LIVES, keep loggin' those miles!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Felt Food

My friend's son just turned 1! I wanted to make him a little something, so I decided on felt food. What kid doesn't like play food!?

Bacon & Eggs (minus the grease and calories!)

I'm sure he'll soon be cookin' up some breakfast for Mom!

Birthday Gift Birthday Gift

hApPy BirThDaY!

Here's a slide show of all the different items I made!

I found a cute little grocery bag at the craft store that all the items fit into perfectly! Some of the foods I came up with on my own, and for some I did some Googling. Mostly I adjusted what I saw to what I wanted. Google felt food tutorials, to get some ideas if you are interested in making them. I take full credit on the corn though. I weaved that sucker, and it turned out great! All the other corn tutorials were too boring...

Additionally I made a mini "Party Time" banner. Super cute, I'm thinking I need to make some more of these... They fit perfectly across a door.

Party Time

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing the Bed

I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and went to swipe it away with my hand...

Until I realized how big it was....

I jumped up in my bed on to my feet, screamed and looked for something smash worthy. I grabbed the remote and gave it a whack.

I had just killed a scorpion in my bed... while I was in it.


Ackkk!! Ok and here are the details that make it much worse. I only had a sheet covering me in bed (its hot) and the scorpion was crawling on the fitted sheet part and was speeding towards me. It was about 5 inches from my hip when I went airborne. If I didn't see it... it would have been horrible. I wasn't wearing socks or pj pants like I normal do!

Thankfully I had the TV on and I could see it in the darkness. Also, I was glad I didn't turn off the TV a few moments before, when I had contemplated it.


More scorpion incidents.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tucson Padres

Tucson Padres

I really miss watching major league baseball here in Tucson. In Cincinnati, it was right down the road. Here in Arizona the Diamondbacks are two hours away in Phoenix. Too far to drive for a team you're not ecstatic about.

Baseball in Black & White

We do have a Triple-A team here in Tucson though... And since we had a hook up on a discount we (My mom, her husband Dan and myself) went. It wasn't the full baseball game atmosphere - but close enough! There were peanuts, cotton candy, beer, hot-dogs, a mascot, an announcer and even couple balls hit over the fence.

Comparing Hair

The game we went to was at Hi Corbet field instead of Kino Stadium for a "Roll Back the Clock" night. There were some people dressed in disco gear and they played some old school music throughout the night. They even had some guitar guy play The National Anthem - he sucked.

Hi Corbet

We had great seats at the game and besides freezing (the temperature dropped from 73∘down to 64∘and it was very windy) and over priced food (a bottle of coke cost 4 bucks!) we had a lot of fun!

Play Ball!

What's your favorite ballpark food item?
Pretzel? Hot-dog? Nachos? Peanuts? Something else?

I love getting a Lemon Chill, but if that isn't around I go for the nachos!