Monday, May 2, 2011

Tucson Padres

Tucson Padres

I really miss watching major league baseball here in Tucson. In Cincinnati, it was right down the road. Here in Arizona the Diamondbacks are two hours away in Phoenix. Too far to drive for a team you're not ecstatic about.

Baseball in Black & White

We do have a Triple-A team here in Tucson though... And since we had a hook up on a discount we (My mom, her husband Dan and myself) went. It wasn't the full baseball game atmosphere - but close enough! There were peanuts, cotton candy, beer, hot-dogs, a mascot, an announcer and even couple balls hit over the fence.

Comparing Hair

The game we went to was at Hi Corbet field instead of Kino Stadium for a "Roll Back the Clock" night. There were some people dressed in disco gear and they played some old school music throughout the night. They even had some guitar guy play The National Anthem - he sucked.

Hi Corbet

We had great seats at the game and besides freezing (the temperature dropped from 73∘down to 64∘and it was very windy) and over priced food (a bottle of coke cost 4 bucks!) we had a lot of fun!

Play Ball!

What's your favorite ballpark food item?
Pretzel? Hot-dog? Nachos? Peanuts? Something else?

I love getting a Lemon Chill, but if that isn't around I go for the nachos!


  1. It's been a while since you've been to a major league game, eh?

    Four bucks for a soda is a steal.

    As for the full baseball game atmosphere, unless your minor league team doesn't do it right, I'd rather go to minor league games any day of the week over a major league game. I love the Phillies and would go to a game any chance, but the minors is baseball at its finest. A throw back at most places and it's a bunch of kids trying to get to the top. Most aren't making a ton of money -- yet -- and most won't even get a sniff of the majors (though the odds are better for the Triple A guys).

    And freezing at 64 degrees? You're spoiled out there! I'd be in shorts and a t-shirt in 64 and looking for the nearest pool. ;)

    And food? I always get a hot dog. It's baseball to have a dog!

  2. I've NEVER been that cold at a Red's game, lol.

  3. Hot Dog. So amazing.

    We are so lucky in Toledo to have the Mud Hens.

  4. i like BB. and i miss not having a major league team close by!

    BB and hot dogs!! for sure!!

    ((FYI: by the latest post didn't make it into google reader AGAIN! OR any other FEED! so please go visit me when u get a chance...suwannee river post!))

  5. Hi Corbett Field brings back really happy memories. It was the spring training home of the Cleveland Indians when I was a rabid fan. It was so special to hear spring training games with all the talk of the beautiful weather in Tuscon. Now, I couldn't name the starting team.

    These days, if we go to a game, it's minor league ball. With the Indians in the American League the games are way too long. Even so,the minor league games have become big business. $4 for a soda is just, plain wrong. When you think about it, geocaching is really cheap and quite healthy.