Thursday, June 9, 2011


I made my first couple of items using patterns! It was complicated, yet simple. I haven't really decided if I'm a fan of the process. I can't imagine having to do something and try to fit it to size. Luckily for me, aprons are for the most part one-size fits all.

I've been waiting to blog about these aprons because they were a wedding gift and they had to travel a bit in the mail... Another friend from high school is getting hitched! Congrats to the lovely couple by the way. the big day is right around the corner!

Now, lets get into these aprons shall we?

The first apron I chose was this Butterick 5474 pattern.

I wanted the apron to have more of a "vintage" feel. So I picked much better fabrics and altered the pockets a little. The original pockets = ruffle overload.

Here is the finished product:


The fabric is super cute. I absolutely love it, I hope the bride does too. The apples are a little nod to working a the Apple House together in high school.

Bad close up - sorry.

I thought about matching the groom's apron to his bride's apron, but every time I pictured it in my head - it turned out too girlie. So a special trip was made to the Hearts and Hands Quilt shop in Green Valley, AZ. There were all kinds of great fabrics to choose from, but I settled on the cheeseburgers. It doesn't match the other apron color wise - but the pattern and style work well for a manly apron and the cheeseburgers look delicious!

Cheesburger in Paradise

I matched the pockets with the main part of the apron so well that you can barely see them! I stuck a couple of white napkins in the pockets so you can see where they are in the picture.

The cheeseburger apron was the McCall's Uniform Essentials pattern (2233) with an eliminated odd top pocket.
I also included a small recipe box with blank recipe cards. I stuck in a few recipe postcards that related to the southwest... I got everything wrapped up and decided to make a couple bows while I had everything out.

DIY Bows

DIY Bows

The ribbon is as close to their wedding colors as I had in my stash of ribbon. I think the bows turned out pretty awesome. I just hope they lasted through the mailing process! The second bow has a little magnet stuck to the bottom so it can be ripped off the paper and stuck to the fridge. I wish I would have thought of that for the first one!

P.S. Thanks mom for teaching me how to place and cut out patterns... also for helping me with that gigantic ruffle on the bottom!


  1. You did great! These both turned out so cute. I'm sure they will love the gift, especially because you made it!

  2. What a thoughtful gift. I doubt many people do things like this anymore - most people just pick something off of a registry and stick a cheesy card on it.

    So talented!

  3. They will love them!! :)

  4. i love them!! the apples on my apron are perfect...i opened it and thought of rouster's! the cute bows made it..the one is on the fridge! :) thanks again girl! so thoughtful!

  5. Move over ladies, ol’Bloodhounded is coming into this post too. Hey, I will tell you that on weekends (Fri and Sat evenings) I am a sauté cook at a great restaurant in town. I wear some pretty wild aprons at my station. All the gals love it and its fun and practical. I make a mess but still leave reasonably clean. My fav is the hot chili pepper one with the crazy fish coming in a close second. I love them!

  6. ohh i am just now seeing this! so cute erika!