Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seven Hundredth Find

I found my 700th cache this evening! Getting closer and closer to the big 1-0-0-0...


Tonight's cache was my first true night cache. I've found a cache at night before - but this one was specifically set up to do at night. It was one of the more common kinds of night caches. You are given the coordinates to a starting location. From there you shine your flashlight around and look for a reflective surface. Usually what they call a "fire tack" The ones we were hunting looked like this:

fire tack

Teeny tiny. About the size your fingernail. Surprisingly not too tough to find in the dark with a flash light because of their reflectiveness. We did have a little trouble finding the first one, but after that it was smooth sailing. After you find one, you go to it and look for the next one and so on... until you get to the final stage where the geocache is. This particular cache had 8 different spots we had to visit.

While we were looking around for the first tack, I almost stepped on this snake!

Crotalus atrox, the "western diamondback rattlesnake"

I was about 2 feet from him when I saw him. He did not rattle, but seemed to "jump" too when he saw me - he coiled up a little tighter, but didn't seem to care to much. It was still around 100*F when we were getting started... so I'm sure he was still a little sluggish. This was my first snake sighting while out hiking.

We also stumbled apon a couple of these gigantic nasty guys... I wish I had some perspective in there. These things are so big and gross.

Derobrachus geminatus, the "Palo Verde beetle"

Aside from the snake, bugs and creepy eyes we saw reflecting back at us (mostly bunnies we decided), the night cache was pretty neat! A different experience than caching in the day light, thats for sure!

Have you ever found a "night cache"? Did you like it?
If you're not a geocacher.... have you ever been Snipe hunting?
I have. LoL

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  1. I love night caching. Every year we have a big event here called cacheapalooza which is a 3 day camping weekend and there are always 3-5 different night caches in the park. They are so fun!

  2. Night caching carries it's own mystic, especially in the desert! Glad you didn't have an encounter with a javalina!

    Congrats on #700.

  3. hey good deal on your 700th!

    when i first glanced at that top picture...i thought you had hula hoops on your arms!

    it would be a pretty scary thing to hear that unmistakable rattle at NIGHT!!

    as far as the bugs...well, here in florida we've got monster ones like that too...and they night you've got to duck!

  4. eek bug! & scary snake! :) congratulations on 700.

  5. You made it! I hadn't heard of night caching although I've gone 'deer hunting' following the 'night lights" to the spot. (No weapons). I'm sure they have night caching in the Denver area. I'll have to check it out.


  6. Congrats! I've done two night caches so far and am planning to do this one later in the summer:

  7. That snake encounter is money. Love that stuff.

  8. I love night caching too!
    700 is absolutely fantastic! :)

  9. Congrats on the milestone!

    And yeah, I love night caches! So much fun. As for snipe hunting... do people really fall for that?

  10. I fell for it in high school ;-P

  11. Oh......My.......Goodness........A snake I would have run a mile as I am so much a wimp. My friend and her husband are at a caravan park in another part of Scotland and working their way here to Ayrshire on Sunday so we can meet up and geocache together.....well the men will go and do something else I think as it is Pat and I who really are into geocaching. They found a cache today and disturbed an adder (snake) and then i read your posting just now!!........i wonder if I will sleep tonight!!!???? lol ps well done on your number of finds :-)

  12. forgot to say, when Is tarted geoachaching in Sept last year we went to an avent in a large park in Ayr which was a night time event. to see the torches flashing about in the park was fun to see, a muggle asked one of the geocachers if someone was missing because of all the night time activity lol

  13. Congrats on 700 my friend!

  14. Night Geocaching between snakes and beetles, ahhhhhhh help :D