Friday, June 17, 2011

Tutu Cute

I made this three tiered tutu this week.... using no Tututorial, haha. I just kind of winged it, and I think it turned out pretty good! It's not perfect - and there are a few things I'd change for next time.... But it's still so cute!

Of course, I had to make matching shirts!

I Made it!I Made it!I Made it!


  1. You are the bestest nanny ever! I bet she loves those outfits & her mommy did too? Sure looks cute. :)


  2. Your leaving me behind in the dust with all your fabulous projects. This one is just adorable!

  3. OH! and the polka dot shadows on legs! reminds me of those stockings/panty hose that were kind of fish netty...with dots like that.

    great job you did there for just wingin' it! :]