Saturday, July 30, 2011

DYI Signal the Frog

Here is a quick little DIY Signal the frog craft. It's a fairly simple one - even if you're not all that crafty!
Visit your local Michaels Craft store and head to the isle where they have all the wood items. You will need one frog and one sheriff's badge. I recommend Michaels only because I know they have these wood cut outs, I'm not sure about other places...

You can make up to 5 frogs with one sheriff's badge, so buy more if you want! I think they were only 79 cents or something. I think the unpainted frogs were less, but my Micheals was out of them - and besides.... it's more work! If you don't have any yellow craft paint or glue, pick some of that up while you are there. You will also need to decide if you want anything for the back of your frog. You can leave it as is or add a clip, magnet, or pin to the back (I picked magnet).

First you will need to score both sides of your star sheriffs badge.

Break off over hard straight surface. A table or counter works well!

Paint the triangle/circle signal piece yellow and attach to the back of the frog (please ignore the stickers I couldn't get off!) If you have anything to glue to the back do that now too!

TaDa! How simple! A nice piece of art for the next cache you visit or cache you place.

IMO, you can basically throw a yellow antenna on a any ol' frog and call it Signal! ;-)


  1. cute.

    i sure do love to go to Michael's...the problem with going that i always come out with way more than i planned on...i end up with more crafty projects than i wanted to start in the first place!! ha!!

  2. We need to start a craft support group, lol.

    Signal turned out cute!

  3. I want one! Or one for my fridge and one for my desk and one for my car!

  4. We don't have Michael's over here but when we were in Vancouver at the beginning of the summer we found one, I walked in and didn't know WHAT to buy lol there was so much stuff. I did buy some nice rubber stamps and a things for my Cuttlebug. Your frog is so cute. clever how you have made that.
    Ann :-)

  5. I think I am glad I don't live close to a Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. I would be there all the time! This is so darn wonderful. It would make nice little Christmas gifts for caching friends too. I need to remember this!