Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Flashback

There used to be a bridge at the bottom of the hill where I grew up. It was dubbed "The Blue Bridge" and everyone knew where it was. You knew when you were on it too. The car tires sort of hummed along the roadway. We did too. I'm not sure why, but I remember humming every time we went over that bridge.

The bridge looked something like this:

...I remember it much more blue!

I found this OLD picture of it. Look at those cars! It's weird to think of my hometown back in the day!


Sadly in 1996 (was it really that long ago?) They replaced The Blue Bridge with a boring ol' overpass that has absolutely no character at all.

(Photo Credit)

Though, through my "research" online I found out that the blue bridge wasn't the original bridge. The original bridge was washed out by the river in the flood of 1913.

Who new L-town had a suspension bridge at one time!


  1. I remember running down from the store to take a photo just before they took the bridge down...

    Loved our Blue Bridge!

    We hummed long after they replaced the bridge!

    Glad to see the Friday Flashback BACK!

  2. You put some time and effort into making this an interesting reflection back in time. Nice. :))

  3. Yes! I too am excitied to see Friday Flashbacks!! It was fun to hum! And mom's right we still did it after it was gone! lol I remember riding over it on my bike and looking down to see the river rushing below. remember the canoe trips & bike trail? Good stuff!!!

  4. Very good job. Think we called it the singing bridge sometimes.
    Thanks for the card.

  5. they should've just left the old one and built a new one up the road a little ways...

    oh least you've got a good flashback!