Thursday, September 15, 2011

Catch Up

I wish I could say I've been busy doing all kinds of fun, exciting and important stuff.... but the truth is I've been busy doing a whole lot of nothing this summer! We are FINALLY starting to see a break in the weather, and it's actually been getting cool outside. Of course when I say cool outside, I mean at night. When the sun isn't shining.

I know things are going to start kicking up soon and there will be more to blog about in the coming months. I have committed myself to participating in NaBloPoMo again this year. For those of you that don't know NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog posting Month, and bloggers who decide to do it post every day in the month of November. I did it last year and had a lot of fun with it. You can read those posts here.

Anyway, since the blog has been kind of lame lately, I thought I'd catch you up on a few things I've been doing...

Pinterest- Like the rest of the people that have visited the site, I'm addicted. However I have a love/hate relationship with this one. I LOVE all the creative ideas. I HATE that I don't have the time money and resources to do all of them. I LOVE the visual bookmark aspect of the whole thing.... but I HATE how I seem to see the same things over and over and over again. I also HATE how the website seems to have some major glitches at least once a day and how things repeat as I scroll down. I also HATE when people don't link back to the correct or original website. Grrr.

Awkward- I don't watch much MTV these days, perhaps it's a sign of getting older... sigh. But I have really come to LOVE this show. I wish it were more than a half hour long. For those of you without cable (which is a lot of people I know these days) you can view full episodes here.... because I know you haven't given up the Internet, you are reading this after all!
*has that kid from Desperate Housewives in it.

Rookie Blue-
When I meant I've been up to "nothing" this summer, apparently that meant watching a lot of TV. I've gotten my self hooked on the second season of this cop drama. It's kind of like Greys Anatomy, but with cops instead of doctors. I'm assuming there will be no musical episode, so I might actually keep watching this one. You can see season 2 episodes here.
*Has that girl from "Stick It" in it.

Books- I'm sure you've seen the book reviews, but I don't know if I've mentioned my goal is to read 20 books this year. I have 5 more to go! Part of my goal includes not buying any of the books, and that has been pretty successful so far. I've read these two lately. Not much to say about them but the second one was somewhere between 2 and 3 stars.

Home to Woefield by Susan Juby

...Actually, I never have much to say about my book reviews. I really just want to put out there what I've read so other people know about the books and can decide weather or not they want to read it with out me giving away too much. I've never been a nit picker with movies or books, and I want to keep it that way ;-)

52 Weeks
- I've also been participating in a photo challenge. You have to take one photo a week (for a year) related to the current theme. It's been kind of nice, because I've used some of the pictures for my Wordless Wednesday shots (I just realized I didn't post one this week - oops!). If it isn't the actual photo I use, it's one I've taken while out photo opportunity hunting! I love killing two birds with one stone!

....And that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Stick around for more awesomeness.

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