Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm attempting to learn crochet... via youtube videos on the TV. Technically I'm re-learning. I made a scarf once, but it was only the most basic stitch (do you call it a stitch?).


Anyway, the ultimate goal is to learn how to do some granny squares so I can do them in my down time.... and one day have myself a blanket! If anyone has some pointers or can direct me to some good basic tutorials/blogs/videos it is greatly appreciated.


  1. I've got no pointers. I can make a scarf and that's it, but I'd like to learn more someday!

  2. And I am no help either ! I can only do the basic stich. Isn't it great what you find on Youtube? I know I have learnt a lot from it.
    Good luck with the crochet.

  3. I can't BELIEVE you are all ahead of me n-stuff! You did so good!

  4. alright...i'm going i see you JUST learned how to crochet...but that square you did looked SO good! like you've been crocheting forever!! :) maybe i need to go check out the youtube video!!