Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Find It" DIY

Have you seen those Find It games games?

Well, they cost too much.... and I couldn't find a good tutorial online, so I just used common sense and made my own! I decided to share a few photos and give a little explanation in case anyone out there is looking for a Find It DIY like I was.


I used a Smart Water water bottle (smooth sides) and peeled the label off. I then used some goo-gone where the label was, washed the bottle and let it dry thoroughly.

After the bottle was dry I filled it with rice I had dyed, trinkets to find, and some sequins and what not to make the finding a little harder.

The "trinkets to find" are things I found around the house and that fit through the top! Listed are some of the things I used
  • Pop tab
  • Orange marble
  • Clear marble
  • Beads, various colors
  • Hex nuts
  • Pompom balls, various colors
  • Google eyes, various colors and sizes
  • Toy monkey
  • Toy Dinosaur
  • Gold snowflake
  • Purple eraser
  • Plastic spider
  • Jingle bells
  • Shells
  • Buttons
  • Penny
  • Dime
  • Nickel
  • Pieces of pipe cleaner
  • Pieces of straws.

I put some multiples of the trinkets because this is for a 3 year old and I don't want her to get too frustrated! The items that have many with various colors are nice too because I can tell her to find a bead, or find the red bead. I actually let the three year old put this together. We leaned over the bathtub and she put a scoop of rice into the funnel and enjoyed watching it fall into the bottle. Between each scoop she got to put a few of the trinkets in. It worked out great!

The lid was hot glued on and this game has been a hit already! The only thing I'd change is to leave a little more empty space for easier turning/finding.


  1. Wow!! What a cool idea. The children at school love the books where you have to look for all different things on pictures with lots & lots of details. But I have never seen a '3D' version like those ones.
    What a great project for you an the little one to make together. :)

  2. I love those things! I did this a few years ago with a class of first graders at our church. They loved it too.

  3. Nice job! I never would've thought to use dyed rice. How did you dye it?

  4. @ Cat, there is a link up where I talk about dyed rice... basically a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol and food coloring in a bag. Shake and lay on cookie sheet to dry.

  5. That's so fun! I've seen the games at stores but, you're right, they are expensive! I love the one you made :)