Thursday, September 1, 2011

Found, Cheap GPS!

Want to give geocaching a try but don't have the money to spend on a hand-held GPS? Try looking at your local used book store. Stuff moves in and out of those places quickly so you'll probably have to keep an eye out on a somewhat consistent basis.... you may happen to strike gold like I did this afternoon!

Our used book store happens to be right next to the dollar store, the fabric store, and the craft store. All places I frequent quite often. So every once and a while I find myself browsing the book store for postcard books. (There is an Ansel Adams postcard book I've had my eye on for months now! But I can't justify buying MORE postcards). Anyway getting to the point... I happened to walk past the electronic section and something yellow caught my eye. A GPS. The exact one I use... and the exact one my sister has lost (She lost hers, not mine). I can't remember what she did to it, left it in the car or something? Anyway, her GPS is toast and since she's been doing a lot of mountain biking, she wanted a replacement but couldn't afford it.

I checked the GPS with a pair of borrowed batteries and it worked just fine. In fact, it doesn't even seem like it has been used at ALL. The protective sticker is still on the screen and there are no signs of use. The bracket thing is still on the back and the lanyard wasn't connected. It had no box, but did have the booklets. It's missing a USB cord - but who doesn't have a few of those around the house. Anyway, A brand spankin' new GPS that cost around 120 bucks on Amazon for.... 30 dollars! Awesome.

So if your looking for a GPS for yourself, or an extra one for the family check your local used book store and see if they sell electronics. Keep your eyes out for an awesome deal! I'd even buy an actual used one for 30 bucks! And while paperless caching is awesome, keep in mind you do not need the fanciest GPS for geocaching. This one will do just fine - I've found 700 caches with mine!


  1. Great post Erika! I fear that the GPS'r is being replaced by the smart phone. I tried to use my Droid with c:geo exclusively recently and fell back to my good ol' Garmin and made the find within minutes. There is something about the feel and function of a handheld GPS that I really like. It's comforting. Weird huh?
    Anyway, great find!
    I think your sis could use a GPS, I saw that video of her on the mountain bike and I don't think she was suppose to turn down in that hole, lol! Now she can do some 5/5 caching.

  2. No smart phone for me! If I had one I would be glued to the damn thing ;-)

    I like the Idea of having a GPS for the longer hikes/geocaches I do in the winter. Its easy to bring extra batteries and replace them when they die - kind of hard to chard the cell when you are miles away from your car! Thought I do think the smartphone would be nice for "quickies"

  3. I'm with you, EJ - no 'smartphone' here either. I don't know, all that kind of junk sort of gives me a headache. I'll stick to the 'old fashioned' GPS... especially when you can grab 'em for 30 skins!

  4. Well done on your bargain find. I bought my Garmin the same as the one you bought in your book shop from Ebay secondhand but hey it does just fine. My friend used her new phone when we were out together geocaching in July when they came up from England, she seemed to get right "on top" of the caches with her phone but i like my little yello Garmin.
    Isn't it nice when you find a bargain?

  5. That is beyond brilliant! I will have to check that out. :) Love the idea! We frequent Bookmans and they always have cool electronics there, I'll have to look around too, maybe Goodwill might have something. Thank you so much! We use our smart phones now, I have the c:geo app, but the battery runs out pretty quickly (we have 2 batteries though for my phone so it got a little easier) but this would be great for my fiance! :D He has really gotten into it but no free app for the iphone (plus he hates it!). Just found your blog tonight by the way, got one of your cool keychains from one of your caches!! VERY cool, fits in very well with my RealTree keychain ;) Thanks so much!

  6. @Ann, yes it feels awesome to get a bargin! and I lime mu little yello garmin too ;-)

    @Kiwi, so awesome that you came here from finding the key chain and geocache! Bookmans is the place to be.

  7. Great find! That is awesome!

    How much is the Ansel Adams postcard book? I might be willing to paypal you some $$$ for that as Ansel Adams is my photographic hero...