Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Snow Globe" Postcard Tutorial

I cannot take credit for this amazing idea. I originally found this great postcard idea over at The Journals of Giddy Giddy. So if you make some snow globe postcards, go over there and say thanks for the awesome idea!!

I made mine only slightly different, but would like to go ahead and share a little photo tutorial with you anyway.

You will need:
  • Decorative paper (construction paper or scrap-booking paper)
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife (you could probably do it without, but it will make it so much easier!)
  • Contact paper (makes the postcard more sturdy for the mail.)
  • "Snow" (glitter, sequins anything small and possibly shiny!)
  • Thin Cardboard (from a cereal box)
  • Something for your snow globe scene (or you could just draw something in)
  • Envelope template (or make your own, very easy)
  • Thin plastic (I used overhead sheets)
Step 1:
Trace and cut out envelope template

Step 2:
Cut out a piece of contact paper slightly bigger than your template, and a piece of paper slightly bigger than your contact paper.

Postcard Tutorial

Step 3:
Peal the backing off of the contact paper. Place contact paper on table, sticky side up.

Postcard Tutorial

Step 4:
Carefully put the paper, design side down, onto the contact paper
Postcard Tutorial

Step 5:
Smooth out any air bubbles and make sure the paper is stuck good. I like to use a piece of scrap fabric or in this case gauze to help me glide across the contact paper.
Postcard Tutorial

Step 6:
Trace the envelope template onto the contact paper. Cut out
Postcard Tutorial

Step 7:
Trace and cut out a circle(or any other shape) onto the side with the flaps. Use a pen and cut on the contact paper side. Cutting on the paper side will be more challenging. Make sure your hole doesn't overlap where the flaps will fold.
Postcard TutorialPostcard Tutorial

Step 8:
Cut a piece of plastic slightly bigger than your circle.
Postcard Tutorial

Step 9:
Use a glue stick and place glue all around hole on paper side of your envelope. Place plastic on top.
Postcard Tutorial

Tape all the way around plastic. This will insure no "snow" escapes.

Postcard Tutorial

Step 10:
Cut out and glue a thin piece of cardboard to the thin side of envelope.

Postcard Tutorial

Step 11:
Decorate your background. I glued another piece of paper down, slightly bigger than my window. I also taped around the edges so no "snow" got lost in there and so it could slide around freely. For my decoration I used a foam sticker. Drawing something works the best though, so the "snow" can move over it freely.

Postcard Tutorial

Step 12:
Fold envelope. Fold over, glue and tape the two side flaps.
Postcard Tutorial

Step 13: Dump in whatever you are using as "snow." More than you think you need. Fold over, glue and tape the top flap.

Postcard Tutorial

Step 14:
Shake it baby! If you use something small for your "snow" you might need to do a little extra taping on a couple of the corners

Step 15:
Flip over and write a message on one half, and an address on the other! It's best to take these postcards to the post office and have them "hand canceled" so the machines don't eat them up and you know you have the right amount of postage!

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  1. Well, how clever is that? Have you actually mailed one and had it received in good condition?

    You know the people who say they like handmade cards in their Postcrossing profile? I've always wished I could fulfill their wish, but I have no craftiness in my DNA, so this might be something I could try.