Monday, September 26, 2011


The next time you see this, it will be in a blanket! Hopefully in time to use it when it is cold here in AZ and not in the middle of next summer...

Next Time You See This...

I don't know if these are the only two colors I will use or if I will throw a few more in. This is just what I happened to pick up at Jo-Ann's over the weekend. This is the YouTube Tutorial I used for the granny square.


  1. Love the green and purple together. Can't wait to see the finished blanket. Don't worry about rushing, take your time. It won't be cold in AZ for quite a few more months.

  2. Go for multi-coloured. It looks really cool with lots of bright colours. I made one when I was a teenager.

  3. so cool! can't wait to see when it's finished! i'm crochet stupid...have tried and tried...just can't seem to get the hang of it...i can knit (but ONLY straight knitting...scarves!) i admire anyone who can crochet a BLANKET!! AND i'm jealous too!! haha!!
    it looks GREAT! those colors are my fav!