Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review

ErikaJean gave to:
Black Hole
by Charles Burns

Book Description:
Black Hole, the epic graphic novel by Charles Burns, orbits around the twin teenage mysteries of sex and drugs as the spiral arms of the Milky Way revolve around the black hole at the galaxy's center. Set in mid-1970s Seattle, Black Hole tells the story of adolescents struck by a mysterious, sexually-transmitted disease that changes them in unpredictable ways. Some break out in boils or bumps; one grows a second mouth on his chest; another sheds her skin, like a snake.

My Thoughts:
First let me say, I didn't pick this book up at the store or library... it was just sitting around the house. Apparently my sister had to read this for one of her college courses.

This book wasn't horrible, I mean I have to give it credit for keeping me reading... but it was rather F*ed up (as if you couldn't tell from the description). I wouldn't recommend this book unless you're really into the graphic novel thing or like to smoke dope and trip on acid. If you like the drugs, try reading this while your high- you might like it more.

Bottom line. Weird. Ass. Book. Don't believe me. Here are some of the book's pages!

However if you want to take a stab at it, it will only take a couple hours to get through...

This book was the first graphic novel I've read. Not really being into them, or being into comics I did pick up on the different frames, boxes and bubbles and what they meant/represented. Example: a wavy box is a flashback or dream.

Rating System
= Didn't Like It
=It Was OK
= I Liked It
= I Really Liked It
= It Was Amazing


  1. I haven't read that one, but it sounds like a doosey for your first graphic novel! I don't know if you'd like some recommendations, but Maus is definitely a classic graphic novel (the library will probably have it). Its about a writer reconnecting with his WWII vet father but all the characters are animals. Warning though, it will probably make you cry. I also like the Scott Pilgrim and Dramacon series, but those are very pop culture/anime-based and might not be for everyone.

  2. Cat, Thank for the recommendation! I may check it out. It was neat to to read a different style of book.