Sunday, October 9, 2011

Madera Canyon

I was very excited about getting out this weekend for some hiking/geocaching. I loaded my GPS, printed a couple maps (because I'm old school like that), packed some snacks, filled up a water bottle, and grabbed my camera. Finally, I thought. I'll have something to blog about and something different to take pictures of!

We grabbed one cache on the way to Madera Canyon. I loved the scenery of the dirt road and overgrown brush, so I pulled my camera out of the bag. I snapped a picture and got the dreaded "No Card" message. AGh! This has happened to my WAY to many times lately. I'm cheap and poor and only have one memory card... and it was at home in my printer. So I took my pictures with my super shitty camera phone. It has 2 whole megapixels. Wahhh. I did what editing I could...

Saturday Hike

We were on a bit of a time crunch, and only wound up with 6 finds for the day. Overall we hiked 3.1 miles. Just about the right amount to start the season with. I need to work my way back up to those 6 and 7 mile day hikes!

Foliage! I get excited when I see trees. I know it's weird, but you don't get many of them here in the desert. You have to visit the "sky islands" for them.

Saturday Hike

We stopped in the shade a couple of times so I could catch my breath. It was quite chilly in the shade! I am so happy fall was here this week. I think it's going on vacation for a while again though ;-(

The views from the Nature Trail were spectacular (not that you can tell from this picture). If you ever visit Madera canyon, this was a nice trail. Tough in the beginning, but things flatten out after a little while. Plants and whatnot are clearly marked along the trail as well.

Saturday Hike 

Another bonus to the Nature Trail is this mini ammo can! So cute.

Having no camera sucked, but the 6 caches and hike helped make it a great day! For us in the southwest geocaching season is just starting... Yippee!

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  1. I did EXACTLY the same thing on Saturday - went caching, took camera, left memory card at home. doh.

    And I didn't even have my phone!

    But luckily my other half had his so he managed to snap a couple of basic pics.

    LOVE the baby ammo can :)

  2. Great way to start my week! Thanks...
    You also did a great job with the pics, I think they are awesome! I LOVE that tiny ammo can!
    It reminds me of when I went to find one alike. It drove me nuts because I had a preconceived notion of what I was looking for in size and shape. The CO said, "You are looking for an ammo can". He didn't lie that sneaky SOB. When I found it, I just laughed at myself.....

  3. Hi - thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I've love to hike and cache here - it looks beautiful and I could combine 2 of my favorite things. What a great way to spend the day.

  4. Hi ErikaJean...Thanks for stopping by my blog...and thanks for your comments...

    We were in South Dakota a few weeks ago and did some geocaching while have some wonderful areas for hiding and hiking...

  5. Pictures tell the story. They look great to me! Got your note on my blog. Yep, everyone seems to be from Ohio at some point in time. lol

    Happy Winter Geocaching!

  6. Now, this is the kind of geocaching that I find enjoyable. Give me 10 to 20 caches on a longish hike over a string of micros on a road any day of the week.